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#1 Ash Wednesday – March 1, 2017

#1 Ash Wednesday – March 1, 2017
“God Had Something Better In Mind For Us.” Hebrews 11:40
If we were designed for a deeper relationship with God than the Old Testament heroes of faith enjoyed, why do most of us have a hard time experiencing it? Perhaps it’s because we rationalize God’s overtures toward us a random or coincidence. Or maybe we just assume we can never live up to their example. But beyond the question of why is what. What kind of relationship can we have with God that they couldn’t? How can we know Him more fully? The answer is sprinkled throughout the New Testament: we can be filled with God’s Spirit, joined to Jesus in complete unity, inhabited and sustained by His very life. What Abraham, Jacob, Joseph, and others experienced externally has been planted within us. The Kingdom-and the King-are within.
Think about the implications of verses like Galatians 2:20 which inform us we no longer live but Christ lives within us. Or John 17:21-23, in which Jesus prays that we, Jesus, and the Father would be joined together in “perfect unity” as one. This is far greater than seeking God, knowing Him, and partnering with Him. It’s an organic union that makes us inseparably joined with His Spirit. That’s a far better thing than the Old Testament experience. The presence isn’t just for the eternal city. It’s for now. That should motivate us to pursue God even more zealously than we already do. We can have greater, fuller, more adventurous experiences with Him than many of the great people of Scripture did. They are examples for us, not exceptions, and the New Testament invites us to go deeper-to experience His Presence more fully and concretely and consistently. Don’t miss that opportunity. Don’t become complacent where you are. God is always inviting you to go further with Him.
Father, how can this be? I don’t fully understand our union, but I want to experience is more completely. This is Your desire and mine, so I know You’ll answer when I ask You to show me the depths of this truth.

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