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#11 – Monday – March 13, 2017

#11 – Monday – March 13, 2017
“I will bless those who have humble and contrite hearts.” Isaiah 66:2
God is drawn to humility. We can understand that; we’re the same way. Most of us have negative reaction to those who are proud, and we enjoy the company of the humble. So it’s no surprise that God-who made us in His image-exhibits the same attraction to those who are selfless and unassuming. It’s the way He meant us to be.
God deeply desires intimacy with us, but it has to be an intimacy of integrity. A relationship based on false assumptions isn’t a real relationship, and pride is a false assumption. It’s an overestimation of our own abilities or resources. It’s a sense of independence from the One who made us who we are and gives us everything we have. The arrogant keep God at arm’s length.
If we want God to manifest His presence in our lives, we have to position ourselves to receive it. That requires a lot of humility, a sense of dependence, and an awareness of need. God comes to us as the source of life on the condition that we know we need His life in us. He comes to fill us only when we know we’re empty. He comes to meet our needs only when we realize how deep they are. He comes as our strength on the condition that we know our weakness. Pride blinds us to these realities; humility accepts them wholeheartedly.
Position yourself to encounter God by embracing your desperation for him. Let complete honesty with yourself produce humility, even if such honesty is uncomfortable. Know that letting down all the walls and being completely vulnerable opens you up to His life-giving Presence. Only empty vessels are ready to be filled.
Father, I come to You as an empty well. I bring nothing but space for You. Fill me with Yourself.

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