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#13 – Wednesday – March 15, 2017

#13 – Wednesday – March 15, 2017
“Wherever the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom.” 2 Corinthians 3:17
One of the most beautiful by-products of the presence of the Lord is freedom. The reason it’s so beautiful is that so many people have been enslaved. All of us start out in that condition as captives of a fallen world and the sin that plagues us, but many continue in that condition as believers. Why? Because we address our former captivity with relentless attempts at developing new behavior patterns, Now behavior is part of the gospel, of course, but not as the result of a religious system or even “biblical” principles to which we try to conform. External constraints can never free us from sin; they can only clean up our appearance. Real freedom comes when we are transformed from within, actually experience a new nature, then act “naturally.”
Many Christians don’t experience freedom because they don’t know what kind of freedom the Spirit gives. Not only does the gospel free us from sin, it also frees us from anything that defines our relationship with God as something other than a relationship with Him. From systems of belief or behavior rather than living interaction with Him. From laws about righteousness rather than the righteousness that results from His presence in us. From the dictates of a constrained heart rather than a transformed heart. Anything less than this is bondage.
Refuse to be bound by sin, by religious systems, or by false principles of “spiritual” behavior, even if those principles are derived from parts of the Bible. The Bible tells us what a new creation looks like, but it also tells us that the only way to become new is by God’s supernatural power working within us, not by standards imposed from outside of us. The only “obedience” now required of us is obedience to the impulses and movements of the Spirit Himself. When we follow Him freely, we freely become who we are meant to be.
Holy Spirit, You are my only law because You are my life. Thank You for setting me free!

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