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#17 – Monday – March 20, 2017

#17 – Monday – March 20, 2017
“You will keep in perfect peace all who trust in you, all whose thoughts are fixed on you!” Isaiah 26:3
Your attention is a precious commodity, and myriad voices are vying for it. Your to-do list screams at you. The circumstances that pop up unexpectedly demand an immediate reaction. The people in your life are probably a little more polite about getting your attention, but they still expect a response. And the to-do list, the urgent circumstances, and the people you live and work with all have important concerns. You have God-given responsibilities with all of them. But their cumulative voices can be relentless. Meanwhile, you’re sometimes just looking for a moment to breathe.
It’s impossible to remain aware of God consistently when we’re under such assaults. We have to prioritize, placing Him at the top of our list even at the expense of other worthy goals. If we want to have any awareness of His closeness, and sense of His Presence, any hint of His voice, we have to clear the clutter out of our minds, sit with Him, and be still. There’s no other way.
This is where we find out the depth of our desire for God. Would we simply like to experience Him? Or are we desperate for Him? The way we prioritize our time reveals a lot. If knowing Him is more urgent to us than the voices that demand our attention, we’ll make room for Him and eventually experience Him deeply. If not, we won’t.
We have to determine to make hard choices then brace for the assault against them. That doesn’t mean we neglect our loved ones and responsibilities, but we do have to remember which relationship is our life. Seeking God’s Presence and fixing our thoughts on Him takes time, but it’s vital. And it speaks peace to every other voice that seeks our attention.
Lord, I fix my thoughts on You. I choose to spend time sitting in Your presence each day, to turn my heart toward You in brief in-between moments, and to expect You to step into my circumstances and relationships.

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