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#19 – Wednesday – March 22, 2017

#19 – Wednesday – March 22, 2017
“O Lord, you have examined my heart and know everything about me.” Psalm 139:1
There are no compartments of life that are beyond God’s view. Every thought, every nuance, every hint of a whisper in our souls is an open book to Him. At first this might be alarming; we have corners of our souls we’d prefer to hide. But when we get past our shyness from divine eyes, we realize an amazing truth: the God who knows everything about us does not withdraw because of anything He sees.
The desire to be accepted is universal. That’s why we hide aspects of ourselves even from those close to us-we fear rejection. But we have an even deeper desire to be intimately known and still accepted in spite of what’s known. That’s why we are drawn to those who know our faults and choose to be with us anyway. They instantly become candidates for our intimacy needs because they are safe.
God is safe. He isn’t safe in the sense that He leaves everything intact-He’ll change the parts of us that need to be changed, if we let Him-but we don’t need to fear rejection from Him. he went to great lengths to bridge the gap that was created by the rebellion in Eden. There’s no way a few common (or even uncommon) human flaws would compel Him to leave the gap intact. Those compartments we think are utterly depraved do not deter Him. He knows us-and loves us-deeply.
You probably know-theologically-that God knows everything about you. But has your total transparency before Him completely sunk in? Do you realize that He is gazing into your heart even at this moment? That you, at your core, are fully, completely known? You’ve been stripped of all facades, and it’s okay. Rest in the fact that you have been thoroughly examined-and the Examiner has stayed.
God, You see everything about me. You hear my thoughts, know my needs, and see my sins, and still You stay. Thank you.

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