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#22 – Saturday – March 25, 2017

#22 – Saturday – March 25, 2017
“The Lord delights in his people.” Psalm 149:4
God has passion and delights. Many view Him as staid and immovable, but that isn’t a scriptural perspective. Nothing in His Word indicates that He’s beyond the swells of emotion. And His emotions are dramatically affected by His love for those He calls His own. He takes pleasure in, delights in, and calls His people the apple of His eye (Zechariah 2:8). He delights in His own works. We serve a God who enjoys pleasure.
Many of us don’t live with a sense of wonder and delight. We may get along with many of God’s people, but we find it hard to take great pleasure in them. We may be consumed with passions, but they often aren’t the same passions He has. That puts us out of sync with Him.
God’s Spirit will cultivate all sorts of wonders and delights in our own hearts. It’s impossible to live with a deep sense of His Presence and be listless and apathetic in our own experience. God and boredom don’t go together. He experiences pleasures Himself and inspires them in others. He takes us on adventures and fills our hearts with wonders. That doesn’t mean we never face hardship or difficulty, but it does mean we never face only hardship and difficulty. In His Presence, we experience unexpectedly good things.
If you feel stagnant, bored, listless, or indifferent, ask for His Sprit to fill you with wonder. Pray for a season of refreshing. Take time to notice the miracles around you. Most of all, sit in His Presence and receive the feelings of His heart. Be aware of what He delights in. Let His passion rub off on you. If you ask and believe, He will impart His sense of excitement and pleasure to you.
Father, I want to know Your pleasures-not just to know what they are, but to experience them with You. Help me notice Your delights, and impart Your heart to me. Fill me life with the wonders of Your Kingdom.

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