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#25 – Wednesday – March 29, 2017

#25 – Wednesday – March 29, 2017
“You must love the Lord your God with all your heart, all your soul, and all your mind.” This is the first and greatest commandment. – Matthew 22:37-38
If loving God is not our highest priority in life, we’re missing our purpose. No other dream or desire or search for significance will satisfy. To love and be loved by Him are paramount. But how do we love Him well? Is it a feeling of affection? Worship services and songs? Simply obeying Him? All are part of the upward flow of love, but they aren’t enough. It’s possible to feel affection for Him without feeling any affection, to obey without love. Jesus said those who love Him will obey Him, but not everyone who obeys Him loves Him. In fact, this is why obedience is such an enigma in Scripture. In those who loved God, it was heaven on earth. In the religious hypocrite of Jesus’ day, it was nauseating. The motive made all the difference. Obedience isn’t the key; obedience that flows out of love is.
In order to love God well, think of how you show love to any other person. It involves deep affection, being attentive, developing the same passions, and taking that person’s words seriously. However you show heartfelt love to others, apply that to God. Cultivate affection. Stoke your feelings. Pay attention to His every move. Notice His desires and interests. Spend time talking to Him. Care for His heart. Whatever He says, take it seriously. Follow His instructions, not because you have to but because you’re passionate about pleasing Him. And is anything gets in the way of Your loving Him, see it as an intruder on your highest priority. Every day you love Him well is a day you have fulfilled your purpose in life.
Lord, let my heart connect with Yours. Show me how my feelings reflect Your feelings, and draw me closer with each new insight.

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