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#28 – Saturday – April 1, 2017

#28 – Saturday – April 1, 2017
“I will meditate on your majestic, glorious splendor and your wonderful miracles.” Psalm 145:5
No matter how intent we are on focusing on God, the events of any given day seem to undermine our focus. Most of us don’t live in a monastery or a cabin in the woods and exist solely to commune with Him consciously. We have schedules. Distractions. Fires to put out. People to answer to. And a cacophony of voices vying for our attention. Focusing on God doesn’t come naturally.
That’s why we need to practice paying attention to Him-what Brother Lawrence and many others have called “practicing the Presence of God.” We have to take moments-seize them forcefully-to consciously turn our attention back toward Him. We have to make ourselves think of Him until it becomes natural, until we are constantly aware of His Presence.
How can we do that? Think of all the times we wait for something-in line at the store, on hold to talk to someone, or any other downtime when thoughts wander. Open a conversation with God in those moments. At the beginning of a meeting or even in the middle of a conversation with someone, breathe a quick, silent prayer inviting God into the room. Ask Him to fill your words with His Presence or to work through circumstances. The result can turn a casual conversation into a major advance in a relationship or a new direction in goals. It can leverage a crisis situation for His glory. The course of a day-or a lifetime-can be radically shifted by inviting Him into the details of any given moment.
Try that today. Every few minutes invite Him into whatever is happening in you and around you. He can invisibly but powerfully change the environment with His peace and Presence, and your days can take on a whole new meaning.
Lord, I invite You into this moment right now-and the next, and the next. Please help me keep my thoughts fixed on You, Your goodness, and Your power.

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