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#29 – Monday – April 3, 2017

#29 – Monday – April 3, 2017
“Let me hear of your unfailing love each morning, for I am trusting you.” Psalm 143:8
For many of us, every morning is a battle. Between the time the alarm clock rings and when our feet hit the floor, our thoughts can spiral downward. Today’s to-do list and potential hurdles combine with leftover fatigue from yesterday, all seeming to conspire to overwhelm us and beat us down. In a few very short minutes, our attitude can shift dramatically from neutral to negative.
Though the morning battle is real for many, it isn’t unwinnable. The key is to turn the downward spiral into upward momentum, and the best way to do that is by inviting Jesus into your internal conversation as soon as you wake up. Before thinking about to-do lists, potential hurdles, lingering problems from the day before, or anything else, have a conversation with Him-not about issues, but just for the pleasure of His company. Enjoy the fellowship. Lie still in the Presence. Utter some words of worship and gratitude. Listen to His words of affection and encouragements. Let Him shape your internal environment before you get up to face your external world. Make Him the priority of your day.
When you do that, the day can take on a whole different tone. And the tone of a day can have lasting impact. Decisions are made in a different light, long-term relationships are strengthened rather than weakened, ideas and innovation come much more easily, and obstacles lose their power. Winning the morning battle day after day can radically impact a lifetime.
Whatever it takes, invite Jesus into your morning. Before your feet hit the floor, enjoy His Presence. The earlier your make Him the center of your day, the more profoundly He will shape it.
Jesus, I know my attitude needs an adjustment every morning. I invite You to adjust it-to hold me, fill me with Your Presence, and transform me. You are more important than any issues I’ll face on any given day-and fully able to handle them.

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