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#3 – Friday – March 3, 2017

#3 – Friday – March 3, 2017
“He has given us great and precious promises. These are the promises that enable you to share his divine nature.” 2 Peter 1:4
What would happen if we asked God-not just occasionally but as a persistent, daily, even moment-by-moment request-to allow us to host His Presence? What if we sought to become a living, breathing, tangible demonstration of His person? Is that a realistic hope?
It seems like a bold, even arrogant request, but any lesser request falls short of our design and His stated purposes. God has promised that we will share in His divine nature and has given us His Spirit to make it happen. He apparently is more zealous to be present within us and among us than we are to experience His Presence. He seeks us more than we seek Him.
Why is that? It’s a greater honor and privilege for us to host the living God than for Him to get close to a flawed, common human being. We should be the more enthusiastic seekers in the relationship. But God created us for this purpose: to inhabit us, to relate to us intimately, to be with us. That’s why He created humanity. Love desires to share. God wants to share Himself.
Let Him. Don’t just assume a casual invitation for Him to be present in your life. He doesn’t normally respond well to casual invitations. His love is too intense for someone with half-hearted intentions. Instead, choose to relentlessly seek Him. Then give Him time. He will begin to fulfill His desire and yours.
Spirit, fill me continually. Please be present within me. I want to experience You more than I do. Daily increase the evidence of Your Presence in my life. Make Your home in me so I can become a tangible demonstration of who You are.

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