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#31 – Wednesday – April 5, 2017

#31 – Wednesday – April 5, 2017
“As the deer longs for streams of water, so I long for you, O God.” Psalm 42:1
Ask a hundred Christians if they are grateful to have a relationship with God, and most or all will say yes. Ask them if that relationship is perfect and complete, and virtually all will say no. Why? Because even though we are glad to know Him, we never know Him enough. There’s always more. When it comes to God, we can’t be satisfied with the status quo.
That’s good. God isn’t satisfied with the status quo in our lives either. He wants us to be grateful, but He doesn’t want us to be fully content. Though He enjoys pursuing us, He enjoys even more the time we pursue Him. When a heart longs for Him and does something about it, He is pleased. A holy discontentment is good.
Some people wonder if it’s okay to ask God to show up, to speak, to move powerfully-as though seeking an experience undermines faith. While it’s possible to seek experience as a substitute for faith, there’s nothing wrong with seeking it for the right reasons. We should want to encounter God and zealously pursue Him. Faith that He is there and wants a relationship with us should be seen as an invitation to come closer. If we treat it that way, we will be rewarded with closeness. If we don’t we won’t.
Never be reluctant to ask God for more of Himself-more tastes to see that He is good, more words to guide and encourage, more awareness of what He is doing. Be grateful for what He has already given, and don’t be motivated by a lack of faith that needs visual evidence to be appeased. But doo pursue more relational experiences. Deep down, every soul longs for Him, including yours. Treat the longing as an invitation engraved on your heart, and ask Him to satisfy you more and more.
Lord, I’m not ashamed to seek experiences with You. I love our relationship, but I’m not content with it remaining as it is. Put a fire in me for more of You.

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