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#34 – Saturday – April 8, 2017

#34 – Saturday – April 8, 2017
“These people honor me with their lips, but their hearts are far from me.” Mark 7:6
My doctrine was as straight as an arrow. My understanding of Christian theology was deep and rich. I taught Scripture faithfully. My application of spiritual truth was blameless. My prayers were in line with God’s revealed will. And I was as miserable as a person can be-for years.
It’s possible for us to specifically define doctrine and theology, get all our beliefs in line with Scripture, do all the right things, and still be unfulfilled and far from God’s heart. Paul expressed the same condition in Philippians 3, where he described his Jewish heritage and his keeping of the law. And while he zealously held wrong beliefs, he didn’t say the answer was simply to adopt the right beliefs. It was to know Jesus-personally. Right doctrine and beliefs are essential, but they aren’t enough. We were designed for more than knowing and doing the truth. We were created for adventures, creativity, warmth, and wonder. And that comes only through interaction with Him at a deeply personal level.
That’s why many Christians are living as faithfully as they know how and still feel distant from God. They have an understanding of Jesus and His Word without any encounters or personal interaction with Him. No adventure, no sense of wonder, no joy. They hold to a system of beliefs rather than a Person. And that can never be ultimately satisfying.
In every aspect or your life-thoughts, prayers, actions, everything-choose Jesus above Christianity. Always opt for the personal over the propositional or the practical. Seek His touch before His truth. All are important-vital, in fact-but your emphasis can make the difference between experiencing His life and feeling dead. If you feel cold, barren, or weary, seek the abundance of His Presence and personality.
Jesus, I want adventures with You. I want the warmth of Your Presence, and I want to wonder at things I have no hope of ever understanding. I don’t need to figure it all out; I need You.

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