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#38 – Thursday – April 13, 2017

#38 – Thursday – April 13, 2017
“I am the light of the world. If you follow me, you won’t have to walk in darkness, because you will have the light that leads to life.” John 8:12
“I am you light. Yes, you live in a dark world. You walk among confused people who don’t know their right from their left and can’t even see the next step in front of them. You have many teachers who are blind but trying to impart light and sight to others. My light is in the world, of course; many of My people see and speak according to truth. But so many other voices confuse those who listen to them. You can’t distinguish light apart from Me. I’m the only one who shines pure truth.
“You’ll notice that I never told you to learn the truth and then follow what you know. I said to follow Me. There’s a difference between walking in light and following a light. One is your environment; the other is your direction. If you learned truth, the absolutes I have spoken, and then followed them, you would become wise and principled. You would be living in the right environment, but you would then rely on living by methods and not by knowing Me. When faced with two wise options, you wouldn’t know which one to take. When moving toward a wise goal, you wouldn’t know when to advance and when to wait patiently. Wisdom and truth alone don’t get you where you need to go. I want you to follow the light-Me-rather than just living in the light of My truth.
“Open your spirit to me. I am your light. Be filled with Me and follow where I lead. You will still go through dark places, but you won’t stumble in them. I will always shine light on the next step. Take it, and it will always lead you to life.”
Jesus, help me recognize Your light. Fill me with truth and guide my steps. Teach me to live by the light of Your Presence.

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