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#4 – Saturday – March 4, 2017

#4 – Saturday – March 4, 2017
“They will call him Immanuel, which means “God is with us.” Matthew 1:23
Our imagination is a tricky thing when it leads us off on tangents into unreal fantasies or wishful thinking. But God gave us the ability to imagine for a reason. Our minds don’t always conjure up fiction. The imagination is a God-given blessing when it helps us picture what is true. So imagine this: Jesus is in the room.
Are you aware of that? The same feet that walked the dusty roads of Galilee are walking with you on this day in the twenty-first century. The same Spirit who hovered over the deep at the foundation of the world is breathing into you right now. The Father is looking into every corner of your heart at this very moment and is not discouraged about you. Jesus is sitting next to you with love in His heart and a welcoming smile on His face. The Spirit is hovering over you and welling up within you. You are accompanied by the divine Three-In-One as you read this, and He will be with you in anything you face today. The eternal One inhabits every passing moment of your life.
Think about these things. Let them sink in. Picture the Jesus of the Gospels by your side wherever you go. Take a few deep breaths and envision the Spirit rushing in and pouring out of you. Know that you are surrounded by the Father’s love. God called His Son “Immanuel” for a reason: His desire is to be with you. Not against you, not observing you from a distance, not just with people in general or theoretically omnipresent. Not just in the big picture of your life but right now in the details. He is with you in every way.
Jesus, help me see what is already true-that You are here with me right now, that You are a constant companion throughout every minute of my days. Please remind me to remind myself often that You are in the room.

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