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#5 – Monday – March 6, 2017

#5 – Monday – March 6, 2017
“Just as the heavens are higher than the earth, so my ways are higher than your ways and my thoughts higher than your thoughts.” Isaiah 55:9
“I know you seek understanding, but your normal ways of thinking won’t work in My Presence and in My Kingdom. You have already noticed many paradoxes-that the first will be last, that you must serve in order to be great, that the humble will be exalted, that you must give in order to receive, that you must die in order to live. My people forget these often, even though they are specifically stated in My Word. But there are many more that are forgotten, sometimes even hardly noticed.
“One is that you must believe in order to see. Your world tells you the opposite: that you must see in order to believe. But that isn’t faith. My ways always emphasize seeing the Kingdom with spiritual eyes before you see it with physical eyes. Take care what you believe; only then will you have the experience you seek.
“Another paradox is related. You expect to be delighted in Me when your desires are fulfilled-when I answer your prayers and satisfy your heart. But it works the other way around. Your desires will be fulfilled when you delight in me. In My Kingdom your internal reality shapes your outward experience. The world teaches you to move in the opposite direction, thinking that your outward experience shapes your internal fulfillment. Don’t fall for that lie. Be fulfilled-in Me, in your delights, in your belief-and watch your outer life change. Come to Me on these terms-always in ways that are higher than yours.”
Father, help me change the way I think. I know this is the heart of repentance-a change of mind to be able to see Your eyes. Please help me delight in You and believe what I don’t yet see.

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