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#8 – Thursday – March 9, 2017

#8 – Thursday – March 9, 2017
“Let the peace of Christ rule in your hearts.” Colossians 3:15
I could feel myself spiraling downward and still seemed unable to stop the momentum. Fear, hopelessness, and bitter thoughts swirled inside my head. I fought hard to remind myself of truth, but then my thoughts would slip back into negative assumptions because they seemed truer. I was stuck-until I appealed to Jesus out loud, lifted up my voice in worship, and contended for truth with audible words. In a little while, the downward spiral was broken.
Those murky thoughts are not a sign of the Presence. Being mired in despair, fear, and bitterness is evidence of not being filled with God’s thoughts. The Spirit doesn’t bring us those “gifts.” In fact, He dispels them. When the peace of Christ is ruling in our hearts, attitudes like anxiety and discouragement can’t remain. They are contrary to the culture of His Kingdom. The Presence gives us peace, assurance, and strength.
How do you get that peace, assurance, and strength when negative thoughts swirl around in your head? How do you experience the signs of His Presence when you’re stuck in something else? Acknowledging that you thoughts don’t reflect the culture of the Kingdom is a start, but it helps to use your voice. Call out the name of the King or sing a worship song to Him, even when worship is the furthest thing from your mind. Invoke the Presence of Jesus, and the darkness begins to flee. There’s a reason this passage about “the peace of Christ” goes on to suggest hymns and psalms and spiritual songs. Vocalizing truth and worship invites God’s Presence, and His Presence changes the atmosphere.
Jesus, may Your peace rule in my heart. When my thoughts spiral down, pull me up. Hear me call, answer my appeals, accept my praise. And let Your presence change my heart.

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