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9-25-16 Bulletin

SOMETHING TO THINK ABOUT – “Faith don’t come in a bushel basket, Missy. It come one step at a time. Decide to trust Him for one little thing today, and before you know it, you find out He’s so trustworthy you be putting your whole life in His hands.” (Lynn Austin, Candle in the Darkness)

(90th birthday – October 3rd) (90th birthday – October 4th)
Sharon Richeson Bill Anthis
613 Old Patoka Road 312 E. Spring Street
Patoka, IN 47666 Patoka, IN 47666

PRAYER LIST… Pray One for Another – James 5:16
Our sympathy & prayers are extended to the Andrew Heidenreich family (co-worker of Mike Berry) at the loss of their 5 month old baby.
Bonnie Pinney, Kelley Marvel, Grace Luttrell & the Emmaus Participants
Harold Cox (brother of Dorthy Douglas / MRI has revealed a mass on his liver / more testing to do)
Kim Nottingham (niece of Rita Barton / health issues)
Bob Bruce (recovering from stroke) – at home
Harlan Scott (friend of Ed & Ellyn Horrall / recently diagnosed with cancer)
Isabelle Marks (friend of Shelby Luttrell / dirt bike accident / broken leg/arm/wrist
Marcella Welsh (niece of Buddy & Puff Rogers / 3 months pregnant / in hospital in danger of losing baby)
Krystal Cable (daughter of Kelly Griffin / genetic testing & neurologist / headache for 2 months)
Jeff Cable (hernia surgery / liver issue)
Cale Thomas (great-nephew of Mary Jane & Mike Kermode / kidney cancer /upcoming surgery)
Dick Johnson (health concerns / in hospital) – Indianapolis
Heather Ota (3rd grade teacher at PCIS / uterine cancer / undergoing chemo)
Denise Kilps (4th battle with cancer/chemo / recovering from surgery)
Sue Parker (recovering from rotator cuff surgery / undergoing therapy)
Scott Payne (step-grandfather of Austin Meyer / aggressive stage 4 cancer / chemo)
Les Schmitt (father of Chris MacKay / needs prayer for healing)
Casey Lamb (computer teacher at PCIS / upcoming double mastectomy)
Jeff Stenfenagel (co-worker of Greg Ault / stage 4 cancer)
Jewell Pressley (friend of Dorthy Douglas / stage 4 cancer)
Bernie Burger(father of Bonnie Pinney / health concerns)
Vic Welch (uncle of Darla Meyer Smith & Lisa Meyer / undergoing cancer treatment)
Faith Livermore (health concerns)
Larry & Heather Luttrell (continuing health concerns for both)
Ed Knust (health concerns / recovering from a fall) & Ruth Knust (health concerns)
Military: Mark Ambrose, Jr. (Grandbig of Kevin Meyer / on alert status with U.S. Coast Guard / currently completing degree at Ball State); Brad Hale (nephew of Dick & Babs Johnson/re-deployed); Derek Wilson(nephew of Pat Chamberlain & Jo Ellen Bingham/Navy/Naples, Italy); Christopher Cook & family (New Mexico);
Those Who Can’t Be With Us Today; Unspoken Concerns; Trinity Cluster Churches

Worship Attendance Last Sunday-95 / Sunday School Attendance Last Sunday-54

ACOLYTES—Jamison Meyer & Brandon Luttrell
GREETERS—David Marvel family
USHERS—Ron Hudson, Jim Bishop, David Hudson, Mike Berry
WORSHIP LEADER—Barbara Skelton

TODAY UMYF, 10:30-11:30am
FLC Reserved, 12:00pm
TUESDAY Bible Study, 7:00pm
SATURDAY SMILE Mile (see announcements)
FLC Reserved, 7:00am-12:00pm
10/6/16 PCHS Cross Country Banquet, 6:30pm (help needed at 5:45)
10/9/16 Nominating Committee mtg., following church
UMYF, 10:30-11:30am

PRAYER LIST REMINDER: Praying for others is a vital ministry at PUMC. We ask that you help us do our best to honor the prayer requests each week by submitting those names to the church office, using the prayer cards in the racks, or writing them on the pew pads… and please update us when you know of changes, or if names can be removed. Names will automatically be removed at month’s end (or reasonable time) if we receive no updates.

 Quarts are $8 and pints $6 (very few ½ pints available at $4)
 Regular (made with apples, sugar, red hots, cinnamon)
 Regular/ brown (no red hots)
 Splenda (made with apples, Splenda, red hots, cinnamon)
 Splenda/brown (no red hots)

OCTOBER IS PASTOR / STAFF / VOLUNTEER APPRECIATION MONTH at Patoka UMC – a perfect time to lift a prayer of thanks to the Lord for our pastor(and spouse) and staff and all those who choose to be the hands & feet of Christ through the many events and ministries of the church. It’s a great opportunity to send a note of thanks to let them know that what they do really does make a difference. A kind word or pat on the back is the fresh drink of water that is so often needed and so often overlooked. During Appreciation Month, remember those who exemplify Galatians 5:13… “by love serve one another”.

 What: The 2016 SMILE ON DOWN SYNDROME SMILE MILE (previously known as the Buddy Walk) a 1-mile walk through the grounds of the Vanderburgh County 4-H Center, food, entertainment, fun activities for the children, opportunity for team photos, and info tables.
 Why: To celebrate National Down Syndrome Awareness Month in October and promote acceptance and inclusion of people with Down syndrome.
 How: Funds are raised through corporate sponsorship and walkers’ pledges for the walk. Our own Eddie Craig will have his team walking once again. To support the team and the efforts of SMILE, any & all donations should be given to Laura Heidenreich or Patty Craig as soon as possible.
 When: Walk registration begins at 9:00am, with the SMILE MILE activities starting at 10:00am. The day’s events will end at 12:00pm.
 Where: this Saturday, October 1st at the Vanderburgh County 4-H Center.
RIDE TO THE CROSS – sponsored by Rolling Disciples motorcycle ministry of First General Baptist Church in Princeton – is this Saturday, October 1st, and you’re invited!! You may have heard about “the Cross at the Crossroads” in Effingham, Illinois, soaring nearly 200 feet into the Midwestern sky, a landmark for over 19 million travelers who pass thru on Interstates 57 & 70. Besides the Cross itself, and it’s amazing effect on anyone who sees it in person, there is a visitor’s center, chapel, reception area, and media room where visitors can view a short video of the construction & dedication of The Cross. All are welcome to join Rolling Disciples – whether by bike or by car – leaving FGBC at 9:00am that day. The group will also stop by one of the area’s best known restaurants – Niemerg’s Family Diner – down home cooking & very reasonably priced. If you plan to go and will be dining with the group you are asked to notify the church right away so that reservations can be finalized with the restaurant. For more information, contact Pastor Spencer Gaines at 812-385-5410.

HOLY COMMUNION will be observed at Patoka UMC next Sunday, October 2nd.

PANTRY SUNDAY: October 2nd is Pantry Sunday… each Communion Sunday [1st Sunday of the month] we ask that you bring canned goods and non-perishable items [especially canned meats and/or box dinners] with you to place in the collection container near the front doors for the Patoka Food Pantry. We are fed by Jesus Christ on Communion Sunday, therefore we need to feed others. Items Currently Needed: Chicken & Dumplings, Beef Stew, Ravioli, Beefy Mac, Spaghetti & Meatballs, Chicken Breast, Spam, Luncheon Meat, Vienna Sausage, Brownie Mix, Sugar, Corn Bread Mix, Mayo (Miracle Whip) Applesauce, Pineapple, Fruit Cocktail, Dishwashing Soap, Paper Towels, Laundry Detergent and Shampoo. Items which always come in handy [and cannot be purchased with food stamps]: soap, shampoo, laundry detergent, dish soap, deodorant, paper towels, toilet paper, toothpaste.

MT. TABOR GENERAL BAPTIST CHURCH HOMECOMING is Sunday, October 2nd, and they invite everyone to join them for a great day of fellowship, music, food and more! Mt. Tabor is located 2 miles north of Wheeling, off Mark Ford Road. The church will provide meat & drink for the noon lunch. Everyone else is asked to carry in a side dish, salad or dessert. Music begins at 1:30, featuring “4 His Praise Trio”. All are welcome!

CARD SHOWER / OPEN HOUSE: Sharon Richeson will turn 90 years old on October 3rd and the family would like to honor her with a card shower on her special day! Cards can be sent to Sharon at 613 Old Patoka Road, Patoka, IN 47666.
The celebration will continue on October 22nd with a private family dinner, followed by an open house for all friends & church family from 2:00-4:00pm in the Patoka United Methodist Church Family Life Center. Stop by from 2:00-4:00 to wish Sharon a happy birthday and help the family celebrate and honor this special lady. No gifts, please.

70TH WEDDING ANNIVERSARY: Jimmie & Mary Lou Watkins of Wheeling will be celebrating their 70th wedding anniversary on October 3rd, and their family hopes you’ll help them celebrate this momentous occasion by remembering Jimmie & Mary Lou with cards, phone calls [812-386-6980] and visits. Cards can be sent to 6093 East 390 North, Francisco, IN 47649.

HELP NEEDED TO SERVE: Sports Banquets and other events are beginning, and help will be needed at least 45 minutes prior to each event. Contact Laura Heidenreich (812-385-5079) to volunteer:
 Oct. 6 – PCHS Cross Country – 6:30pm
 Oct. 12 – PCHS Boys Tennis – 6:00pm
 Oct. 13 – PCHS Girls Volleyball – 6:00pm
 Oct. 20 – PCHS Girls Soccer – 6:00pm
 Oct. 22 – Private Event – 12:00 noon
 Nov. 10 – PCHS Football – 6:00pm

NOMINATING COMMITTEE MEETING will be held Sunday, October 9th immediately following church. Committee members are: Donna Cook, Sue Hollen, Kathy Hudson, Melissa Gaines, Ellyn Horrall, Maria Stone, Shane Hayes, Cindy Kissel, Amanda Sands, Jeff Pinney(chairperson). Please either turn the committee form in at the entrance or speak to one of these committee members prior to the meeting on the 9th. Please let us know your intentions:
1. What committee you would like to serve on…..or
2. What committee you no longer wish to serve on…..or
3. If Serving on a committee in 2017 is not possible at this time

MOUNTAIN MISSION TRUCK will be at Patoka UMC the week of October 17th. Any & all donations should be in the FLC attached garage no later than Sunday, October 16th, clearly marked “for Mountain Mission”.

COOKOUT / MUSIC / HAYRIDE / AND MORE!!! Saturday, October 29th beginning at 2:00pm, Buddy & Puff Rogers will be hosting a cookout at their home for the kids at the Evansville Youth Home – hayride, Texas chili, burgers, deserts, Scott Mason singing, pumpkin decorating and more, and you’re invited as well!! Come enjoy the afternoon! It is a great time for adults as well as youth.

CHARGE CONFERENCE RESCHEDULED: Patoka UMC’s Charge Conference has been rescheduled to Monday, November 7th, 5:30pm(CST) at Vincennes Community UMC. The Conference Office realized that the 8th (previous date) is also Election Day and wanted to avoid any conflict this might cause some churches. Representatives from Patoka UMC, in addition to the pastor, are needed at Charge Conference. If you can attend, please let Pastor Jeff know as soon as possible.

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