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#9 – Friday – March 10, 2017

#9 – Friday – March 10, 2017
“On each side of the river grew a tree of life, bearing twelve crops of fruit, with a fresh crop each month. The leaves were used for medicine to heal the nations.” Revelation 22:2
In God’s Presence, we receive everything we need-even more than that, actually, because God is generous and doesn’t stop with needs. He is a fulfiller by nature, not just for us personally but for the nations of the world. His Kingdom is comprehensive. Though it begins in the human heart, it will spread outward to impact governments, schools, media, economics, and more. God is intent on giving an inheritance of nations to His Son and His people. (Psalm 2:8)
The images of Revelation 22 point to a God who fulfills His plan and His people in every way. So why don’t we see more fulfillment? Why don’t His plans work out in our lives as quickly or thoroughly as we would like? They will-He has promised- but there’s a purpose in the process between promise and fulfillment. When we come to Him, God gives us everything we need and fulfills our longings over time. But there’s a gap, and it’s always designed to draw us closer to Him. Instant fulfillment-on a personal or national scale, or anything in between-satisfies our desires but does little for the relationship. When our longings continually drive us to Him, our hearts bond with His heart and we learn His ways. The result is a fulfillment greater than we originally dreamed.
Trust God’s promises, but also trust His processes. The delays in your life are specifically orchestrated to deepen your relationship with Him. The processes lead to fulfillment: He either gives us what we seek, shows that He is what we seek, or so overwhelms us with better things that what we once sought becomes irrelevant to us. Regardless, our hearts are eventually satisfied in Him.
Lord, fulfill me. I feel no guilt in asking that, no sense of selfishness. It’s Your desire too. Please draw me closer to You and satisfy my heart.

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