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Bulletin – 11–26-17

SOMETHING TO THINK ABOUT – It wasn’t the nails that held Jesus to the cross… it was His love for you and me.

LOVED ONE OF THE WEEK – (mother of Sam Muncy / recurrence of cancer)
Karen Muncy
5540 East 175 South
Francisco, IN 47649

***Congratulations to Andrew May on his induction into Jr. National Honor Society!

PRAYER LIST – Pray One for Another – James 5:16 / [Additions & Updates in BOLD]
Ruth Knust (nose bleed issues)
Irene Williams (wife of Robert Williams / currently in hospice / awaiting move to nursing home)
Tina Porter (friend of Jennifer MacKay / hip surgery November 28th / prayers for good doctors and fast healing would be greatly appreciated)
Retta Gaines (mother-in-law of Melissa Gaines / upcoming tests)
Judy Lawson (former co-worker of Sue Stuckey / complications from open heart surgery)
Karen Muncy (mother of Sam Muncy / recurrence of cancer (lymphoma) / prognosis good / prayers for tolerance of chemo treatments)
Tony Hughen(father-in-law of Michelle Hughen / in hospital in Oklahoma)
Sharon Smith (mother of Jennifer Mackay / aneurism on aortic arch on heart / no surgery yet / monitoring for now in anticipation of eventual treatment)
Ted Thompson (continuing health concerns)
Linus Lindy (brother of Sue Stuckey / recovering from open heart surgery)
Darvin Hulfachor (cancer)
Greg Nixon (cancer)
Jake Nueffer (esophageal/throat cancer / treatments done / on feeding tube)
Megan Miller (granddaughter of Red & Nora Miller / health concerns)
Marcella Welsh (niece of Puff & Buddy Rogers / pregnancy concerns)
Patty Pflug (mass on kidney)
Mike Ellis (recovering from stroke / home therapy / small improvements)
Bonnie Potts (health concerns)
Romaine McCabe (friend of Puff Rogers’ / mass around heart / chemo/radiation)
Matt Harper (undergoing cancer treatments)
Toni Whitehouse (gr’daughter of Barbara Whitehouse/awaiting kidney transplant)
Karen Gress (undergoing cancer treatments)
Harold Cox (brother of Dorthy Douglas / stage 4 cancer / chemo)
Harlan Scott (friend of Ed & Ellyn Horrall / cancer)
Jeff Stenfenagel (co-worker of Greg Ault / undergoing chemo)
Jewell Pressley (friend of Dorthy Douglas / maintenance chemo)
Vic Welch (uncle of Darla Meyer Smith & Lisa Meyer / cancer treatments)
Military: Mark Ambrose, Jr. (Grandbig of Kevin Meyer / on alert status with U.S. Coast Guard / currently completing degree at Ball State); Brad Hale (nephew of Dick & Babs Johnson/re-deployed); Christopher Cook & family (New Mexico) / Unspoken Concerns / Trinity Cluster

ATTENDANCE – Worship Attendance Last Sunday-83 / Sunday School Attendance Last Sunday-21

ACOLYTES—Colton Duke & Ryder Duke
GREETERS—Ellyn Horrall
ORGANIST—Kathy Hudson
USHERS—Sam Muncy, Andy Schafer, Rick Hudson, Greg Ault

TODAY Directory Book Deadline
Hanging of the Greens & Carry-in, 3:00pm
12/3/17 Communion Sunday / Pantry Sunday
Deadline for Poinsettia Orders (Order Forms On Foyer Table)
Church & FLC Reserved, 2:00pm
Caroling & Pizza, 4:00pm (Meet In GGH Lobby)
12/5/17 Bible Study, 7:00pm
12/6/17 FLC Reserved, 1:00-4:00pm

MY SINCERE THANKS to all of you that have sent cards, emails and passed along good wishes during my recovery. The surgery was a great success, but the real recovery was aided by knowing that your support and prayers were following me. Thanks for all of your kindness. Buddy Rogers

DEAR PATOKA UMC: Margaret sincerely enjoyed visiting her home church to celebrate her 94th Birthday. Thank you to everyone for the Birthday and Loved one of the Week Cards she received. God bless one and all! Debbie Dodson

DEAR FRIENDS: What a privilege to be named “loved one of the week”, not counting my 90th birthday. I said, “All my warranties have run out when you reach 90”. Hopefully I can extend a few for a few more years (with good health also). Never thought I would reach this time in my life. Thanks for the honor. Bless you all. Frances Sloan

[A NOTE RECEIVED IN A THANKSGIVING CARD TO PUMC]: We are so thankful God answered hers and our prayers 6-1-17. He allowed me to fulfill all I promised to my dad and mother. So grateful for that, and that Pastor Jeff could speak at her funeral. Then allow us the Family Life Center for the funeral dinner. Mom would make me pull over and write down the number every time we put flowers at Dad’s grave. So grateful. Angie (the family of Georgia Marvell)
ADVENT COIN BOXES AND DEVOTIONALS are available on the foyer table this morning. This year’s White Gift Offering will go to the Frazier House Remodeling Project. Coin boxes will be collected on Sunday morning, December 17th in connection with the White Gift/Children’s Program.

DIRECTORY BOOK DEADLINE – TODAY: We need ALL changes to the current church directory book before you leave this morning to ensure that your family’s information is correct in the 2018 book. Please leave information on Melissa’s desk by the computer. Thank you.

HANGING OF THE GREENS & CARRY-IN – TODAY: The season of Advent begins next Sunday, which means preparing ourselves as well as the church for the holidays. THIS AFTERNOON we will gather to decorate the church and Family Life Center during our annual Hanging of the Greens, beginning at 3:00pm. MUCH help is needed. Bring a pot of soup and/or sandwiches and join us in the FLC for a bite to eat afterwards. The more the merrier!

HOLY COMMUNION will be observed next Sunday, December 3rd.

PANTRY SUNDAY: December 3rd is Pantry Sunday… each Communion Sunday [1st Sunday of the month] we ask that you bring canned goods and non-perishable items [especially canned meats and/or box dinners] to place in the collection container near the front doors for the Patoka Food Pantry. We are fed by Jesus Christ on Communion Sunday, therefore we need to feed others. [Items always needed – that cannot be purchased with food stamps – soap, shampoo, laundry detergent, dish soap, deodorant, paper towels, toilet paper, toothpaste]

POINSETTIAS DEADLINE IS NEXT SUNDAY: If you would like to remember or honor a loved one or friend with a poinsettia during the Christmas season, order forms are now on the foyer table. DEADLINE TO TURN IN FORMS IS DECEMBER 3rd. Please print your information on the order form and turn it in, along with payment, to Laura Heidenreich or Rick Hudson.

CAROLING & PIZZA!! NEXT SUNDAY, December 3rd we’ll share the season in song with the residents & staff at Gibson General 5th floor, The Waters and River Oaks. Meet at GGH at 4:00pm in the front lobby. Then we’ll be at The Waters around 4:45 and River Oaks about 5:30. Following, we’ll meet at Pizza Hut (approximately 6:15) for food & fellowship. If you’ve never joined us for caroling before, please don’t miss out on a great evening! It will bless you more than you can imagine! Sign-up (foyer table) if you plan to go.

APPLE BUTTER – $8.00; Pints – $6.00; ½ Pints – $4.00
Remaining at last count:
Reg qrt – 92; Reg pint – 103; Reg ½ pint – 13
Brown reg qt – 2; Brown reg pint – 4
Splenda qt – 64; Splenda pint -107
Brown Splenda qt.– 1; Brown spleda pint – 15
Total $ to sell – $2,698

CHRISTMAS FAMILY: Patoka UMC will sponsor a family during the holidays to brighten their Christmas and show them the love of Jesus at a time when we celebrate with our own families by sharing gifts and meals and happy times, and remember the greatest gift ever given to us – God’s own Son. All gifts must be wrapped and to the Family Life Center no later than Sunday, December 10th. Please be sure to mark each gift with the appropriate information – who gift is for – such as “boy 1” or “girl 1”. Details following:
 Boy 1 – boys 12 / husky 14; interests are Harry Potter, building/science toys
 Girl 1 – junior size 3; interests are arts/crafts books, board games
 Boy 2 – boys size 6; interests are Legos, building toys, crafts, books
 Girl 2 – girls size 6-6x; interests are dolls, Barbies, books, board games
 Boy 3 – boys size 4T; interests are trains, cars, Paw Patrol, books

NO MEN’S BREAKFAST IN DECEMBER – but please plan to join us again in the new year, invite guests, and enjoy a time of food & fellowship as we grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord!

MEMBERSHIP CLASS: Pastor Jeff will be leading a membership class soon for anyone wishing to learn more about the history of United Methodism and Patoka UMC, and who desires to become a member of our church. Dates/Times to be determined. There will be 2-3 sessions. If you are interested in becoming a member or would just like more information please contact Pastor Jeff.

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