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Bulletin 8-14-16

Be at peace. Do not look forward in fear to the changes of life; rather look to them with full hope as they arise. God, whose very own you are, will deliver you from out of them. He has kept you hitherto, and He will lead you safely through all things; and when you cannot stand it, God will bury you in His arms. Do not fear what may happen tomorrow; the same everlasting Father who cares for you today will take care of you then and every day. He will either shield you from suffering, or will give you unfailing strength to bear it. Be at peace and put aside all anxious thoughts and imaginations. (St. Francis de Sales)

LOVED ONE OF THE WEEK – (friend of the Gaines’ / thyroid cancer / other health concerns)
Angie Poteet
2630 Plum Springs Road
Bowling Green, Kentucky 42101

PRAYER LIST… Pray One for Another – James 5:16
Our sympathy & prayers are extended to the family & friends of Charlene Frazier.
Nancy Nelson (recovering from eye surgery)
Chuck Brittingham (recovering from heart attack / improving) – at home
Angie Poteet (friend of Spencer & Melissa Gaines / thyroid cancer)
Gary & Jane Richardson (health concerns)
Denise Kilps (4th battle with cancer/chemo/recovering from broken hip surgery)
Sue Parker (recovering from rotator cuff surgery / undergoing therapy)
Scott Payne (step-grandfather of Austin Meyer / aggressive stage 4 cancer / chemo)
Les Schmitt (father of Chris MacKay / needs prayer for healing)
Casey Lamb (computer teacher at PCIS / breast cancer / chemo followed by surgery)
Jeff Stenfenagel (co-worker of Greg Ault / stage 4 cancer)
Jewell Pressley (friend of Dorthy Douglas / stage 4 cancer)
Bernie Burger(father of Bonnie Pinney / health concerns)
Vic Welch (uncle of Darla Meyer Smith & Lisa Meyer / undergoing cancer treatment)
Faith Livermore (health concerns)
Larry & Heather Luttrell (continuing health concerns / Larry underwent liver biopsy this past week)
Ed Knust (health concerns) & Ruth Knust (health concerns)
Military: Mark Ambrose, Jr. (Grandbig of Kevin Meyer / on alert status with U.S. Coast Guard / currently completing degree at Ball State); Brad Hale (nephew of Dick & Babs Johnson/re-deployed); Derek Wilson(nephew of Pat Chamberlain & Jo Ellen Bingham/Navy/Naples, Italy); Christopher Cook & family (Turkey);
Those Who Can’t Be With Us Today; Unspoken Concerns; Trinity Cluster Churches

ATTENDANCE – Worship Attendance Last Sunday-94 / Sunday School Attendance Last Sunday-53

ACOLYTES—Lance Stuckey & Christian Schafer
GREETERS—Jeff & Donna Cook
ORGANIST—Kathy Hudson
USHERS—Mike Kermode, James Little, David Marvel, Jeff Cook

TUESDAY GGH Devotional Service, 2:00pm, Missions, 6:00pm, Bible Study, 7:00pm
WEDNESDAY Ad. Council, 6:30pm
SATURDAY FLC Reserved, all day
8/23/16 Bible Study, 7:00pm
8/27/16 Men’s Breakfast, 7:00am, FLC Reserved, 8:30am
8/28/16 UMYF, 10:30-11:30am
8/30/16 Bible Study, 7:00pm

THANK YOU for the cards and prayers, and the special “loved one of the week”. I miss all of you and hope to be back soon. Thoughts & Prayers, Nancy Nelson

TO MY FRIENDS AND CHURCH FAMILY: thank you so much for the calls, cards, prayers and offers of help. Thanks to Pastor Jeff for making the trip to Evansville, even though I was too medicated to understand him! As my therapy continues, I may have to have additional help. I’m very lucky to have all of you. Sue Ellen Parker

PRODUCE GIVE-AWAY: Over the next few weeks we will have a table out for your fresh produce to share with the church family on Sunday mornings. Bring your extra and when you see the table after church, take the extra.

PRAYER SPONSORS – if you have been (or have never been) and would like to be a prayer sponsor for our youth throughout the school year, please notify Darla Meyer Smith or Lisa Meyer right away. All it requires is doing just what it sounds like… pray regularly for the youth whose name you will be given, and if you choose to, remember them with cards, notes & small gifts on special occasions or ‘just because’ to encourage and uplift them. We will not assume that because you were a prayer sponsor last year you automatically wish to be one this year, so please let Darla or Lisa know.
STUDENTS… pick up a sheet on the foyer table to be filled out and returned to Darla or Lisa as soon as possible.
COLLEGE ADDRESSES NEEDED – To stay better in touch with our college students, we’re asking for new and updated addresses for those students. If you’d like to include phone #s, emails, birthdays, etc., that would be fantastic! When all addresses are turned in we will post a permanent list on the bulletin board.

CASH FOR CLASS: It’s that time… United Methodist Youth Home’s “Cash for Class” campaign is in full swing with kids returning to school in just a couple of weeks, and they need your help! Cash For Class is designed to help at-risk youth through your sponsorship at whatever level you might choose. Suggested sponsorships range from $50 for “scholar”-1 online test enrollment fee, to $323 “teacher’s pet”-uniforms for 2 youth, school supplies & fees for 1, with various levels in between, or even a one-time gift of ANY amount. For more information about sponsorship levels and the Cash For Class program, pick up a flyer/donation form from Melissa in the church office.
Another opportunity to support the efforts of United Methodist Youth Home will take place on Monday, August 29th with “Hacienda Gives Back Night”. Just take a photo of the token (available in the church office) with your phone and show it to your waiter at the Hacienda on South Green River Road in Evansville. A portion of all tickets that show a token that day will go to United Methodist Youth Home. If you plan to be in Evansville and enjoy dinner at Hacienda on the 29th, stop and see Melissa in the church office for a fundraiser token.

OPPORTUNITY FOR HISTORY BUFFS… David Hudson, current PUMC Historian, has asked for assistance in updating the church’s history. David has a great deal of information to organize and coordinate and would appreciate help with the task. If you might have some free time and are interested in assisting as Church Historian, or even just on this project, contact David at 812-779-5235.

BIBLE-IN-A-YEAR: Copies of the monthly “Bible-In-A-Year” readings have been placed in the rack on the foyer table. Feel free to pick one up!!

BRA BANK APPEAL: We continue collecting gently used bras (leave in designated container by front doors) for a special project designed to aid African women in the prevention of sexual assaults [less likely to be attacked if wearing undergarments] and human trafficking. For more info go to, or and click on ‘Mozambique Or Bust’.

LOVE PACKAGES: We continue to collect Bibles, Sunday School lessons, Upper Rooms, Our Daily Bread, Hymnals… basically any Christian literature, to be distributed to third world countries where so many are hungry for the word of God that they take our excess, out of date items and cherish them. Instead of throwing out these things, place them in the designated container near the front entrance and we will get them to people who need them.

PATOKA UMC ENDOWMENT FUND: In the financial section of our bulletin, you see the “PUMC Endowment Fund” with a balance of $85,289.21. These funds are given by members & friends of PUMC. This fund is a great way to benefit the church, not only now but forever. The principle of this fund generates, at present, 4% interest annually to be used as we see fit. It is backed by the Lilly Foundation, conservatively invested, and managed by the Gibson County Community Foundation. Each of the 92 counties in Indiana has this set up. It is a safe investment. If we had $100,000 in the fund, we would receive at least $4,000 annually for as long as the fund exists which should be a VERY, VERY long time. This fund would be an excellent choice for estate planning or giving now. If you have immediate questions, please contact me, Pastor Jeff.

HELP UNITED METHODIST YOUTH HOME BUILD A BOY’S GROUP HOME by helping them achieve their goal of $400,000. They are already at $226,000, over half-way there!! If you would like to help UMYH reach their goal there are a number of suggested donation levels, however, any amount is welcome – every dollar counts! For more information contact Josey Robb at UMYH at 812-479-7535.

ASSISTANCE FOR CANCER PATIENTS: We recently received information from Ellen Roach (sister of Jim Bishop) regarding monetary assistance for cancer patients in Gibson County, through Psi Beta Psi sorority, of which Ellen is a member. The sorority raises funds and then distributes a $100 check to any cancer patient living in Gibson County (as long as funds are available in the sorority’s bank account) to help with transportation or whatever the cancer patient might need. For consideration as a recipient the sorority must have the name, address, phone #, and type of cancer for the patient. If you know of someone who might benefit from the assistance, contact Pastor Jeff, Melissa (in the church office), or send requests directly to Ellen Roach at 231 N. Jackson, Oakland City, IN 47660.

DEADLINE FOR BULLETIN is Wednesday (12:00 noon). Deadline for the next monthly Newsletter is the 3rd Monday (12:00 noon) of the current month.

APPLE BUTTER WEEK is expected to be September 12th-14th. We have great coordinators for the event but EVERYONE’S help is needed, from washing jars to peeling & cooking & stirring and filling jars! There’s a job for anyone who can help. We’ll start at 6:30am each day. We will need a firm commitment from those volunteering, so if you can take some time to help those days, please add your name to the sign-up sheet when it becomes available. In the meantime
 Stock up on jars, lids & rings
 Stock up on sugar (we’ll need at least 52 bags of the 4-lb. bags / we CANNOT use “fine granulated”)
 Stock up on Splenda (we’ll need at least 24 LARGE bags)
 We’ll need 2 cans of PAM cooking spray
 Monetary donations are ALWAYS a great help for extra, unexpected, last-minute purchases
 Donate fabric for jar toppers
 Take home fabric & cut out toppers (check with Melissa if you want to take some now and get a head start)
 Plan to work at our church booth at Heritage Days September 16th & 17th
 Pray for production days and for our volunteers
 Questions? Contact Jeff & Donna Cook

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