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Devotion #16 – Saturday February 27

Keep Seeking – “I create the light and make the darkness. I send good times and bad times. I, the Lord, am the one who does these things.” Isaiah 45:7
From God to you:
“You worry about the ups and downs in your life. You long for constant progress and growth, an ability to hear Me without fail, a state of peace and contentment in all situations. Have you not looked at the cycles of this world? I give the plants seasons of hot & cold, wet & dry, barren & fruit. They endure dark each night and enjoy light each morning. Every living creature grows fast at some times and hardly at all at others. There are times to plant & uproot, tear down & build, weep & laugh. As My Word tells you, there’s a season for everything under heaven.
“So are there seasons for you. Sometimes My presence is rich and My voice is clear. Sometimes you wonder where I am and why I stopped speaking. I haven’t changed, of course, but you grow when things don’t come to you easily, so I don’t always let them come to you easily. I draw you closer through your hungers – for truth, for revelation, for wholeness, and more. You will seek what you truly love. I let you seek so you will reveal your loves to Me, to those around you, and to yourself. Do not be surprised that your life seems to have ups and downs. It’s supposed to.
“When you go through seasons of solitude or darkness or pain, don’t be alarmed. Yes, those times can be disorienting, but I haven’t left you, nor have I stopped speaking. I am drawing you closer, exposing your truest, deepest desires, and letting you seek until you find. Keep seeking but don’t stress about it. Worry never achieves a thing in My Kingdom. Trust, follow, and come closer. Soon the seasons will change.

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