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Devotion #17 – Monday February 29

Want to Hear? – “Anyone who hears and doesn’t obey is like a person who builds a house without a foundation.” Luke 6:49
When we say we want to hear God’s voice, we need to understand that we aren’t just expressing curiosity. We’re making somewhat of a commitment. Theoretically, it’s possible to ask for God’s wisdom or direction and then take it as one of our many options to choose from. But practically, can we really approach God that way? If we hear and then choose not to follow, we have put ourselves in an awful predicament. At best, we’ve neglected the word of the living God. More likely, we’ve intentionally and blatantly rebelled. Either way, whether purposely or not, we’ve set our hearts against His.
We don’t want to find ourselves in that position. That’s probably why casual seekers often come up dry – and why God rarely rewards them with clear direction. The privilege of hearing Him is wonderful, but the responsibility is sobering. To hear is to enter into a compelling dilemma: either to embrace the wisdom of the all-wise God, or to turn our backs on Him and go our own way. Before we’ve heard Him on a given issue, we can claim we’re doing our best or whatever seems right to us. Afterward, we have only one clear, sensible response. And it may not be easy.
Approach the listening process with a commitment to do whatever God says. He doesn’t want us to hear Hisvoice as an option to consider. He wants us to hear Him as the absolute truth. When we come with a commitment to believe what He says, He is much more eager to speak.
“Father, my heart is Yours. Whatever You say, no matter how unexpected or challenging it is, I’ll do it. My desire is to accept Your will, even before I know what it is. Please share it with me clearly. Amen”

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