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Devotion #23 – Monday March 7

Mercy – “Share your food with the hungry, give shelter to the homeless. Give clothes to those who need them, and do not hide from relatives who need your help.” Isaiah 58:7 From God to you:
“You worship Me for My mercy. You sing praise songs about how it has saved you, set you free, and met you in times of need. Whenever you’re in need, you cry out to Me and appeal to My merciful nature. You are very aware of My mercy. My generosity of spirit, my magnanimity toward all in need is clear.
“Then why are so many of My people so hard of hearing when I tell them to be merciful to others? Why do so many close their hearts not only to people who have sinned against them, but also to those who need help? Why do so many of My people not only hold grudges, but also ignore desperate pleas? You have a tendency to become self-absorbed and to stay within your comfort zone, but My voice will never lead you in either of those directions. When I speak, I am leading you away from your focus on yourself and out of your comfort zone. I am calling you to reflect My mercy to the world around you.
“I know you can reflect My mercy only when you’ve experienced it yourself. I am pleased to give it to you and to respond in your times of need. But I don’t stop speaking once your needs are met. I am calling you upward, outward, and forward. I am lifting your perspective beyond your own circle of interests and into mine. Take it all in. See the opportunities to represent Me in this world. Reflect My heart of mercy.”

Prayer: Father, I’m so busy looking for direction that seems relevant that I miss Your pointing me to the needs of others. Lift my eyes to see every opportunity to reflect your heart. Amen.

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