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Devotion #27 – Friday, March 11

Be a Miracle – “This is a wicked generation. It asks for a miraculous sign.” Luke 11:29
This is a wicked generation too. Like that one, ours will hardly listen to any preaching that calls for repentance (as Jesus implies in verse 32 that true preaching will do). A sign, however, would be convincing evidence of truth, wouldn’t it? Probably not. Secular mouths ridicule the signs of the Bible as hoaxes or premodern myths. Still, we think, if there were clear evidence of a supernatural power behind the gospel to which we testify, more people would be saved. Perhaps so, but really the world has all it needs to accept the gospel, especially if we are living it. That’s the truest, most indisputable miracle – a changed life. If the world sees that the gospel has recreated us from within, given us a new heart, and subdued our willful humanity, perhaps it will believe. People have been brought into the kingdom by such a sign. It’s what everyone, deep down inside, really craves.

What kind of sign are you to this generation? Are you a living testament to the power of the gospel and the resurrection of Jesus? Can people look at you and say, “I’m not sure what’s going on there, but the change is definite; something or Someone from above is in there”? Maybe on some days, maybe not on others. It’s something we should be aware of. We are God’s primary sign to any wicked generation. We covet the ability to work miracles in the name of Jesus. By God’s grace, that happens many times in the life of the church. Healings, deliverances, and clear answers to prayer are often given mercifully by His hand. But that can never be our focus. Our focus must be on the miracle that Jesus wrought within, and whether we are demonstrating it ourselves to be the miracle of God. There’s a huge difference between doing a miracle and being one. Above all, make sure you are one.

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