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Devotion #33 – Friday, March 18

(The Lord said,) “Open your mouth wide, and I will fill it with good things.” Psalm 81:10

God says to you: “Hear My open Invitation. Is there any hint of reluctance there? Any sense of scarcity when I speak of My resources? Any lack of generosity on My part? No, I have demonstrated My ability and My willingness to deliver, provide, and heal. I have lavished My love on those who have loved Me in return. I have given grace and mercy and plenty of material blessings. I have promised that in My Kingdom, you will not suffer lack. I am your Shepherd; you shall not want for anything. There’s only one condition: You have to open your mouth wide. What does it mean to open your mouth wide? It means living with a sense of expectancy. Like a hungry child who has never missed a meal, open up with the certainty that you will be fed. Don’t be one of those people who wonder whether My patience or generosity or extravagance has reached its limit. Always expect to receive more.

Open your ears, too. Never ask Me to speak to you ‘Just this once.’ Don’t plead with Me to give you ‘a little bit’ of direction or counsel. You are not praying to a reticent God. I’m never at a loss for words. I may give you a season of silence, but you will never go long without hearing from Me if you are persistently listening. I have made a commitment to you to keep you in My will. And I never fail on My commitments. Open your arms too. Never say, ‘All I’m asking is…’ I don’t want you to ask reluctantly, as if I’m stingy with My gifts. I want you to ask extravagantly – big audacious prayers. Don’t just bring Me possibilities; bring Me all your impossibilities. In every request, assume My willingness to give. This is faith. Know the heart of the one to whom you pray.” God

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