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Devotion #38 – Thursday, March 24

Questions, for YOU! – (The Lord told Job,) “I have some questions for you, and you must answer them.” Job 38:3

From God: “Let Me turn the tables on you for a while. Your heart is full of questions, and you’ve pleaded with Me to answer them. Eventually, you’ve resigned yourself to not knowing, to believing that your quest for understanding will remain largely unfulfilled in this age. But you will learn more about Me from the questions I ask than you will from the answers I give.

Answer this, for example: What is your true motivation for knowing Me? Be honest. Is it to master My “system” for prayer or miracles or success? Is it to make sense of your life and ensure that you have a purpose? Is it to gain My approval so you can eliminate those insecurities you haven’t been able to shake? Are you more interested in the gifts or the one who gives? The healing or the love that heals? The provision or the generous heart behind it? In other words, is it all about you? I understand all those longings and desires and insecurities, and I won’t rebuke you for them. In fact, you will find those answers in Me, and I am glad to give them. But I want you to know if you really care about Me. Am I your passion? Do you want to connect with My heart not only because it’s good for you but because it’s Mine?

Get to the bottom of these questions and you will be lifted to a new level of knowing Me and hearing My voice. Even if your answer isn’t what you hoped it would be, I will still take you from that honest place and raise you higher. I have always loved you with an everlasting love, but when you open your heart to Me, My heart opens to you in new ways. And you will experience answers to questions you never thought to ask.” God

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