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Devotion #7 – February 17

Be Trustworthy – “Keep watch, because you do not know the day or the hour.” Matthew 25:13
The parable of the virgins is one of three Jesus gives in Matthew 25 about His second coming. That glorious event cannot be described in words, nor can our reaction to it. Ten bridesmaids who waited a long time for their bridegroom to come. Five were prepared, five were not. Those who were prepared are wise; those who were not are fools. There is no hint in Jesus’ story that the Bridegroom will say to those who were not prepared: “I know it was a long time, and I know you gave it a good shot. Your love for Me is all I could ask; you just miscalculated the timing. Enter into the wedding banquet.” No, Jesus gives surprising little grace to those who were willing to be bridesmaids but were halfhearted about their preparation. The truth behind this parable is sobering: True love does not come unprepared. It does not calculate timing in case a backup plan is necessary; it does not give up and go home; it does not come up with a set of expectations. It stakes everything on its object and waits until He comes, even if He comes at midnight. It says, “This isn’t my best option, it’s my only option.” True love waits. Many Christians are halfhearted about the Bridegroom’s return. Jesus’ words to them are frightening: “I don’t know you” (v.12). Those who really love Him don’t know the day or the hour any better than those who do not. They do know, however, that the day or hour doesn’t matter to them. All that matters is that He is coming. As long as it takes, they will be waiting. However late the hour, they will be prepared. This blesses event means everything to them. What does Jesus’ return mean to you? Does it impact your activities today? Consider the question carefully. Consider the wonderful union you will have if you are ready and waiting when He comes.

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