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Devotion #9 – Friday February 19

Through Us – “They do not need to go away. You give them something to eat.” – Matthew 14:16
Just as we underestimate God’s ability to provide in our hour of great need, we also often underestimate the role He assigns us. We pray for the world, our country, our family, our friends. We pray for the salvation of others. We ask God to bless them. We ask to heal hurts and bind wounds, and to lift up the brokenhearted and help the needy. But we may be blind to our role. Are we missing something? Is there a piece to this puzzle that we’re overlooking? Is Jesus waiting for us, perhaps, to offer our meager loaves and fishes? In spite of His ability to act alone, does He say to us, in effect, “You give them something to eat”? God brought the Israelites through the Red Sea, but only after Moses lifted up the staff. God brought down the wall of Jericho, but only after Joshua led his people through the right steps. God conquered Goliath, but only after David stepped onto the battlefield. And Jesus kept Peter afloat, but only after Peter got out of the boat.
The great works of God that come about through our faith usually do not come without an initial offering from us. The offering may be pitifully small, so much to display God’s power, but it still must be given. Every miraculous work begins with an act of faith, a stepping out of God’s people on a limb of trust. In handing the five loaves and two fishes to Jesus, the disciples were not for a moment thinking this human effort would meet the needs of the crowd; they were only giving what they had. That’s where miracles begin. Our abilities are to paltry to meet the overwhelming needs of this world. But when Jesus gets through with them, they are powerfully sufficient. Do we want Him to work through us? We must give Him what we have. “God’s blessings aren’t limited to the human resources available.” – Tom Elliff

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