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Devotion#28 – Saturday March 12

“Keep the Sabbath day holy. Don’t pursue your own interests on that day, but enjoy the Sabbath and speak of it with delight as the Lord’s holy day. Isaiah 58:13

From God to you: “Why do you read My Word? Some read only to find out what I require. Others read to discover what’s on My heart. Do you see the difference? It’s possible to search for My requirements without having a relationship with Me or even caring that a relationship is an option. But no one tries to discover what’s on My heart without wanting a connection with Me. Your goal when you read My Word will determine what you do with it. That’s why many throughout the centuries have seen the Sabbath as a demand, an obligation to fulfill rather than a blessing to receive. The result is severe restrictions and a lot of guilt for failing to adhere to them. But do you see My heart in this command? I want you to rest and be refreshed. I designed you not only for everyday connections with Me but for a focused time each week to enjoy My presence. I crafted you to need pauses from your routine. I gave you a built-in excuse to take a break from your normal responsibilities. I mandated this break because I know your tendency to rationalize your overwork. No one will fault you for defying the expectations others place on you. You can blame Me for your time of peace and rest. You can come away with Me guilt-free.

Remember this: Every instruction I give you is relational. Like the Sabbath rest, none of my instructions are about fulfilling requirements, but all of them become a reflection of the state of our relationship. If you do them, it must be because you care – because My desires matter to you. That’s the reaction My voice is meant to provoke in you, and it’s the only reaction I want from you. Hear Me with your heart.” God

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