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Lenten Devotions Begin Wednesday

Experience God More during this Lenten Season! Lent – among Christians originally the period of prebaptismal preparation, later of public penance. Finally it became a forty-day devotional preparation for Easter traditionally based on Jesus’ wilderness fast. (Mark 1:13) Lent is a time to prepare us for the celebration of Jesus rising from the dead. Why do this forty day devotion? On Easter we will celebrate what Jesus did for us and we did nothing! Nothing! It is but by the grace, the unmerited favor of God, that we can stand before God and be in His Presence for the rest of time when we leave this earth. I am sure of one thing. Heaven will be a time when we are always in the wonderful Presence of God. This devotion series invites you to be in the Presence of God – NOW! I am also convinced that by being in God’s Presence each day will be fuller. Is that what you desire? I firmly believe that you will find this is what God desires. Finally, have you ever given a gift to a loved one and never received a “Thank You”? Lenten devotions are a “Thank You” to God, it is worship, it is praise. The devotions are made up of daily excerpts from the book: “Experiencing God’s Presence” by Chris Tiegreen. I bought this devotional for my friends in Rwanda. After typing these devotions, I need to get it for myself! I suggest you take notes on the bottom of each page or start a journal of thoughts. These aren’t just whimsical devotions, there are practical applications. So dive in! Enjoy! I will join you! Pastor Jeff

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