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Newsletter – October 2017

Believers or Followers?
I ask you to consider how stale is your faith walking? If you lived in the time of the early church as a disciple of Jesus, would you be like you are now? Passionate or complacent? Rolling through the week, no make that sleepwalking through the week, doing your busy worldly duties, with little risk. Yes, little risk. Living in a prosperous land as we do, is there any risk at all? Consider this writing by Kaj Munk, a Danish priest that wrote this just prior to dying with his Bible next to him, by the Gestapo in January 1944 (careful, really following Jesus could get you killed):

“What is, therefore, our task today? Shall I answer: “Faith, hope, and love”? That sounds beautiful. But I would say – courage. No, even that is not challenging enough to be the whole truth. Our task today is recklessness. For what we Christians lack is not psychology or literature….we lack a holy rage – the recklessness which comes from the knowledge of God and humanity. The ability to rage when justice lies prostrate on the streets, and when the lie rages across the face of the earth….a holy anger about the things that are wrong in the world.”
Maybe we only have a desire to rage about politics…or how we are mistreated by others and don’t get what we deserve….or to rage about how sin filled those other people are! Holy anger is to rage against the ravaging of God’s earth, the destruction of God’s world. To rage when little children must die of hunger, when the tables of the rich are sagging with food. To rage at the senseless killing of so many, and against the madness of militaries. To rage against complacency. To restlessly seek that recklessness that will challenge and seek to change human history until it conforms to the norms of the Kingdom of God!!!!
Remember the signs of the Christian church have been the Lion, the Lamb, the Dove, and the Fish….but never the chameleon. It strikes me that chameleons are very hard to see in the world. Chameleons won’t change many things nor show Christ to others with their lives.

Followers show Christ to others.
(THE BIG POINT.) Jesus makes it clear that faith in Him does not mean simply an intellectual agreement with His claims! No, to believe in Jesus is to serve Him and follow Him. It is absolutely meaningless to claim faith in Jesus and then live contrary to His teachings with no apparent interest in aligning ourselves with them. Faith means hanging the entire balance of our lives on His claims and His commands. It means not only accepting Jesus as our Savior, but following Him as our Lord! To separate these two roles of Jesus is to make Him into something He is not, and it is to make our beliefs almost meaningless. Whoever believes in Him, loves Him, serves Him – that person will follow Him. Whoever does not follow Him does not serve Him, love Him, or really even believe in Him!
So what does it mean to follow Jesus? It means that wherever He is, that’s where we’ll be. Where does he want us to be? God wants us to be co-laborers, missionaries, searching for lost sheep. We are to be seeking others on behalf of God. We are to be praying for opportunities to show Jesus to others. God does not rest as long as there are lost sheep!

Followers work with God to BRING them home.
If we hang around inside the fold, with our fellow found sheep, hoping that the lost sheep will wander through the door……well…..that is simply not how Jesus told us to do it. That is not how a follower does it. Jesus told about leaving the 99 sheep just to find the 1, do we “followers” need to adopt the same attitude? Jesus in essence said, “Follow me and be a co-laborer finding the lost sheep!” “Go and make disciples……”

Why not take a moment to write a text, email, or personal note to let those who serve the church know that their efforts are greatly appreciated. Tell them how the church has greatly benefited from their service. Remind them that God Himself sees and rewards those who diligently work for Him with little or no regard for earthly recognition. At times it may seem that much of the work is “behind the scenes”, and no one really cares, but He sees and He knows the motivation of the heart… to honor and serve and glorify Him. Our lives of service can have a tremendous impact on the wondering world around us: Matthew 5:16 Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven.

Chairperson – Mildred Heidenreich, Secretary – Melissa Gaines, Treasurer – Amber May, Co-Financial Secretary – Laura Heidenreich, Co-Financial Secretary – Rick Hudson, Membership Secretary – Melissa Gaines, Lay Member to Annual Conference – Jim Bishop, Co-Lay Leaders – Debbie Bryant & Ron Hudson, Church Historian – David Hudson & Sue Ellen Parker, Sanctuary Stewards – Patty Craig & Laura Heidenreich, Muppet Coordinators – Mark & Stephanie Berry, Sunday School Superintendent – Jeanne Bishop, Missions Chairperson – Kathy Hudson, Nurture Chairperson – Jamie Schafer, Staff-Parish Relations Chairperson – Chris Heidenreich, Trustees Chairperson – Mike Berry, Finance Chairperson – Mike Phares

PUMC Ad. Council did not meet in regular session in August, due to a number of conflicts.

PUMC Ad. Council met in regular session on Wednesday, September 20, 2017 at 6:30pm with the following present – Mildred Heidenreich, Marilyn Hudson, Debbie Bryant, Pastor Jeff Pinney, Amber May, Melissa Gaines, Jim Bishop and Kathy Hudson. The treasurer’s report was approved as presented.

Finance – met September 5th and determined that finances through August 2017 were in close proximity to the numbers from 2016, less the $12,227 down payment/closing costs for the Frazier home + $2200 principle & interest (payments) paid out.
Lay Leadership/Nominations – met September 6th to fill leadership roles for 2018-2020.
Missions – had not met
Nurture – had not met
Staff-Parish Relations – met August 27th to discuss employee evaluations / pastor’s status for 2018, and again on September 19th to discuss and set 2018 salaries and other compensation for the pastor and staff.
Trustees – had not met

Grant for Sound for Family Life Center: the pastor spoke with the committee (Gibson County Community Foundation) considering Patoka UMC as a possible recipient of funds and was told that PUMC is still in the running. The grant committee will be meeting to disperse funds on November 9th.
Coats for the Community – PUMC is planning a FREE coat give-away Saturday, November 11th from 9-11am, similar to the Free Yard Sale in August. The congregation is asked to bring in new or gently used coats by Sunday, November 5th, to be given to Ron or Kathy Hudson, or Alyssa Koberstein. All sizes are needed, from infant to adult.
Frazier House – no updates

Charge Conference / Approval of Recommendations – Charge Conference for Patoka UMC will take place Sunday, November 15th at 2:00pm at PUMC and will involve only Patoka UMC. Doug Heiman from Bluegrass UMC will officiate. Rev. Heiman will travel to the next locally scheduled Charge Conference immediately following Patoka’s, so there will be no reception or social time following the meeting this year. Ad. Council heard recommendations from Staff-Parish on salary & compensation for 2018, and approved the suggested recommendations. Ad. Council also approved recommended Leadership positions (as amended) for 2018-2020, as well as remaining Charge Conference forms.
Trunk or Treat – a motion was presented and approved to move forward with plans for a Trunk or Treat evening at Patoka UMC (on the parking lot(s), weather permitting). Congregants would be asked to dress up (if you so choose), decorate their vehicles (if you so choose) and distribute candy to local children as they move from vehicle to vehicle. The tentative date is October 30th or 31st from 6-7pm, to be finalized when trick or treating is scheduled for Princeton.

Pastor Jeff told the Council that apple butter production rendered 862 jars this year. 669 jars are still available, at a value of $4450. Pastor Jeff & Bonnie will be on vacation from September 25th-October 2nd.

The next regular meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, October 18th at 6:30pm.

Ad. Council Meetings Are Open To All Who Wish To Attend
We Invite And Encourage Everyone To Participate In The Plans And Business Of Our Church

The family & friends of Norman Hulfachor
The family & friends of John Vinson

Our Nation, Our Government, Our Leaders, Our Schools, Our Churches, Our Homes & Families

Our Military
Christopher Cook & family (New Mexico); Brad Hale (Nephew of Dick & Babs Johnson / re-deployed)
Mark Ambrose, Jr. (Grand big of Kevin Meyer / on alert status with U.S. Coast Guard / completing degree at Ball State)

Unspoken Health Concerns, Unspoken Requests

Trinity Cluster Churches – Decker, Decker Chapel, Hazleton, Mt. Olive, Patoka, and Wheeling

Becky Woodburn, Mike Watkins, Nick & Lori Beloat & family, Norman Hulfachor, Ruth Knust, Barb Skelton,
Kelly Griffin, Bonnie Potts, Mary Lou Broadwater, Sandra Bilskie, Frank Eads, John “Willard” Wilson, Leighton Sioux,
Elizabeth Key, Mike Ellis, Jakatelyn Morrow, Robert Williams, Megan Miller, Romaine McCabe, Matt Harper,
Brooke & Savannah Teremini, Co-worker of Ellyn Horrall, Toni Whitehouse, Karen Gress, Harold Cox, Steve Sullivan,
Harlan Scott, Jeff Stenfenagel, Jewell Pressley, Vic Welch, Rev. William Morris, Betty Bateman, Marcella Welsh,
Patty Pflug, Mary Lou Douglas, Jane Waterman, Grace Luttrell’s sister-Joyce, Grace Luttrell’s niece-Maria, Hazel Allen

Ellen Roach(sister of Jim Bishop)-Parkview Care Center-Evansville
Jean Boyles-Evansville,
Margaret Dodson-The Waters
Rev. Patricia Greffey-Rocky Mountain Manor-Wyoming
Frank Eads – assisted living
Steve Sullivan (brother of Faith Livermore)-Amber Manor-Petersburg
Ellen Vinson (friend of Jack & Eleanor McDowell)-Amber Manor-Petersburg
Betty Bateman-at grandson’s in Evansville

We are grateful for another successful season of apple butter production; for signs & wonders and confirmation of God’s presence and goodness in our everyday lives, in the physical healings we’ve seen take place, in the needs we’ve seen met in ways only our Heavenly Father could provide, in lives changed and souls saved through the prayers of the righteous; for new brothers & sisters in Christ that now share our pews on Sunday morning! And most of all for the opportunity to rise each new day, be assured that God’s mercies are new each morning, and to share in the continued building of His Kingdom through our obedient efforts to go and make disciples, and to love our neighbors as ourselves.

3-Sharon Richeson
4-Bill Anthis
4-Austin Meyer
5-Darla Meyer-Smith
6-Chris Heidenreich
9-Kelley Marvel
19-Matthew Berry
24-Ali Kermode
27-Alison Marvel
28-Andy Stone
30-Hannah Kissel
31-Ed Prior
31-Brittany Koberstein

7-Larry & Heather Luttrell
8-Dale & Barb Pollitt
11-Larry & Mandy Bilyeu
14-Buddy & Puff Rogers
18-Jacob & Amanda Sands
20-Joe & Allison Adcock
22-Red & Nora Miller
25-Jacob & Savannah Marvel

If You Are Unable To Meet This Obligation It Is Your Responsibility To
Find A Replacement And To Notify The Pastor and Melissa Of The Change Prior To Your Sunday

Oct. 1 Nedra W. David M.
Oct. 8 Kathy H. Jim B.
Oct. 15 Kathy H. Grace L.
Oct. 22 Nedra W. Ron H.
Oct. 29 Nedra W. Nora M.

Oct. 1 Jim B. Asher B. & Jamison M.
Oct. 8 James L. Addison S. & Camden M.
Oct. 15 Nora M. Jamison M. & Brandon L.
Oct. 22 Patty C. Aadin L. & Kimberly C.
Oct. 29 Chris H. Colton D. & Ryder D.

Oct. 1 Jeff M. family Debbie B.
Oct. 8 Patty C. Jeanne B.
Oct. 15 John A. family Pastor Jeff
Oct. 22 Darla M.-S. & Lisa M. Muppets
Oct. 29 Mike & Debby P. Mike P.

Oct. 1 Sam M., Andy S., Rick H., Greg A.
Oct. 8 Ellie A., Lance S., Christian S., Ethan L.
Oct. 15 Ron H., Jim B., David H., Mike B.
Oct. 22 Alison M., Ashlyn A., Ava L.., Brittany K.
Oct. 29 Mike K., James L., David M., Jeff C.

Oct. 1 Bonnie P.
Oct. 8 Jamie S.
Oct. 15 Amanda S.
Oct. 22 Shea D.
Oct. 29 Laura H.


BIBLE-IN-A-YEAR: Copies of the monthly “Bible-In-A-Year” readings have been placed near the entry. Feel free to pick one up!!

BRA BANK APPEAL: We continue collecting gently used bras (leave in designated container by front doors) for a special project designed to aid African women in the prevention of sexual assaults [less likely to be attacked if wearing undergarments] and human trafficking. For more info go to, or and click on ‘Mozambique Or Bust’.

We continue to collect Bibles, Sunday School lessons, Upper Rooms, Our Daily Bread, Hymnals… basically any Christian literature, to be distributed to third world countries where so many are hungry for the word of God that they take our excess, out of date items and cherish them. Instead of throwing out these things, place them in the designated container near the front entrance and we will get them to people who need them.

SOUND PERSONNEL SUBS NEEDED: We are always in need of a few volunteers who will agree to fill in when a sub is needed to run our sound board and power point presentation on Sunday morning. It is a very important job but one that is easily mastered after a lesson or two. If interested contact Pastor Jeff.

BIBLE STUDY: There’s always room for anyone who has a desire to ‘grow in the knowledge & grace of the Lord’… so join us Tuesdays at 7:00pm (unless otherwise noted in the bulletin) in the Family Life Center Wesley Room. The discussions are lively, the fellowship is sweet, and the Lord always blesses!!
WHEN BORROWING ITEMS from the church or Family Life Center, we ask that you let the pastor or Melissa know so that we don’t over extend our lending. Folks borrow tables for yard sales (old brown tables in attached garage) or tables & chairs for family events, even walkers & wheel chairs, and we try to keep a record of who needs what, when, so that everyone benefits from what we have available. We wouldn’t want to promise tables or equipment to someone and find that they aren’t there because someone else borrowed them on the spur of the moment and forgot to let us know. Thanks for helping us keep things running smoothly!

DEADLINE FOR BULLETIN is Wednesday (12:00 noon). Deadline for the next monthly Newsletter is the 3rd Monday (12:00 noon) of the current month.

Anyone who would like to become a member of Patoka UMC, please contact the pastor for more information.

All men, all ages are invited to breakfast & fellowship on the last Saturday of the month at 7:00am in the Family Life Center. Invite a friend!!

HELP KEEP US CURRENT… we strive to keep all information in newsletters, bulletins, directory books, on file, and in the computer up to date, but we need your help. If your personal information – phone #, email address, etc. – changes please let us know in the church office while you’re updating other pertinent sources. If someone needs to be added or removed from our birthday & anniversary list, directory listings, or even the prayer list, your input is needed. We may or may not ‘hear through the grapevine’ that something changes, so we ask that you help us serve you best by taking just a minute to keep us current. We appreciate any and all assistance and updates.
DON’T FORGET $$$: The refrigerator (soft drinks) is a great convenience for many. The proceeds go to our youth. Please be sure to pay as you buy or we may need to discontinue.

HOLY COMMUNION will be observed at Patoka UMC on Sunday, October 8th – please note the date change.

PANTRY SUNDAY: October 1st is Pantry Sunday… each Communion Sunday [1st Sunday of the month] we ask that you bring canned goods and non-perishable items [especially canned meats and/or box dinners] with you to place in the collection container near the front doors for the Patoka Food Pantry. We are fed by Jesus Christ on Communion Sunday, therefore we need to feed others. [Items which always come in handy – and cannot be purchased with food stamps – soap, shampoo, laundry detergent, dish soap, deodorant, paper towels, toilet paper, toothpaste]

APPLE BUTTER is now available in both regular & Splenda varieties.
Quarts – $8.00; Pints – $6.00; ½ Pints – $4.00

WALK TO FIGHT SUICIDE: Gibson County Out of the Darkness Community Walk will be held Sunday, October 1st at the Princeton Community High School track. For more information or to register, go to

 Tuesday, October 3rd, PCHS Cross Country, 6:00pm / help needed at 5:15
 Tuesday, October 17th, PCHS Boys Tennis, 6:00pm / help needed at 5:15
 Thursday, November 9th, PCHS Football, 6:00pm / help needed at 5:15pm
To help, contact Laura Heidenreich at 812-385-5079

MIDDLE SCHOOL FALL FEST AT CAMP INDICOSO: Come away to explore Fall activities and to capture the best of moments of camp! You will have the opportunity to reunite with camp friends, meet new friends and grow one step closer in the most important friendship of all – between you and Jesus! Camp counselors and staff will be back to hang out with you and we will pile on the great food and great fun. Bring your youth group and friends to fly on our twin zip lines, soar on the giant swing, have tons of fun on the Warrior Run Obstacle Course, participate in fall harvest games, enjoy campfires and more. Check-In: Friday, October 6th from 6:30-8:00pm. Check-Out: Saturday, October 7th at 4:00pm. Price: $120.00. To register visit For more information… Contact Missi Weeks Jones at 812-275-6925.

The 2017 Smile on Down Syndrome Smile Mile walk is set for Saturday, October 7th, 9:00am-12:00pm at the Vanderburgh Co. 4-H Center. S.M.I.L.E. raises awareness and serves hundreds of families who have a loved one with Down Syndrome. If you’d like to support our own Eddie Craig with a donation to the Eddie’s Buddies team, talk with Patty Craig or Laura Heidenreich prior to walk day.

CHARGE CONFERENCE: Patoka UMC’s Charge Conference will be held on Sunday, October 15th at 2:00pm at Patoka UMC. Rev. Doug Heiman from Bluegrass UMC will officiate. Rev. Heiman will have to immediately move to another charge conference following Patoka’s so there will be no reception or social time afterwards. All are welcome.

FALL COOKOUT: Buddy & Puff Rogers will host their annual United Methodist Youth Home cookout/party on Saturday, October 28th afternoon/evening, and you’re also invited! Come and enjoy great food, Scott Mason playing music, games, hayrides & more! For more info or directions contact Buddy or Puff at 812-635-9001.

TRUNK-OR-TREAT: Let’s gather in the church parking lot and dress up ourselves (if you want) and open our decorated trunks (decorated if you want) and give to the kids in the community! Tentatively scheduled for October 30th or 31st (still to be determined), from 6:00-7:00pm. There is a sign-up sheet on the foyer table for those who plan to participate. Watch the bulletin for more details.

DON’T FORGET to set your clocks BACK one hour on Saturday night, November 4th, when retiring. Daylight Savings Time begins on November 5th.

COAT-A-COMMUNITY: Our church hosts its first Coat-A-Community Saturday November 11th from 9:00-11:00am in the Family Life Center. We will gladly accept donations of new or gently used coats for this event. Coats in all sizes, from infant to adult, are needed. Please have all coats to the church by Sunday November 5th so that washing & repairs can be done before the 11th. Please give coats to Kathy or Ron Hudson, or Alyssa Koberstein. If you have left them in the attached garage, please mark them “coat give away” and let Ron, Kathy or Alyssa know. Questions? Contact Kathy at 812-779-2058 or cell phone at 812-664-0063. Thank you for supporting this event!!
OPERATION CHRISTMAS CHILD SHOEBOX MINISTRY will be here before you know it – deadline is Sunday, November 12th. On the foyer table are brochures that tell you how to pack a shoebox, along with the tag that goes on the outside designating boy or girl, and a reminder of your $9 cost to aid in shipping. Please remember to leave your shoebox Unwrapped, as our youth will be handling that for you! Please consider being a part of this amazing outreach opportunity.

PUMC’s annual dinner & bazaar is Saturday, November 18th from 3:00-7:00pm(CST). Menu includes turkey or ham, dressing, mashed potatoes & gravy, green beans or corn, slaw, cranberry salad, homemade desserts, bread, apple butter, coffee or tea. $9 for adults. $4 for children 10 & under. Carry-outs available. Bazaar Room with goodies! Here’s how you can help:
 Sign up EARLY when lists become available
 See Debbie Bryant for Bazaar Room ideas
 Come and help at “work days” – November 14th and 17th
 Display yard signs
 Invite neighbors, friends & family
 Pray for a successful event that serves guests well & provides an opportunity to reach someone looking for a church home
 Monetary donations are always welcome and should be given to Jamie Schafer
 Questions – talk to Jamie

DIRECTORY BOOK DEADLINE: We need ALL changes to the current church directory book turned in no later than Sunday, November 26th to ensure that your family’s information is correct in the 2018 book. If you have shared changes throughout the year and would like to double-check to be sure they’re entered into the system – not a problem – better safe than sorry! I will be glad to verify changes if you will drop me an email or call the church office. Thank you! Melissa

HANGING OF THE GREENS & CARRY-IN: The season of Advent is just a few weeks away, which means preparing ourselves as well as the church for the holidays. On Sunday, November 26th we will gather to decorate the church and Family Life Center during our annual Hanging of the Greens, beginning at 3:00pm. MUCH help is needed. Bring a pot of soup and/or sandwiches and join us in the FLC for a bite to eat afterwards. The more the merrier!

 Nov. 12 – Deadline for Poinsettia orders – order forms available soon
 Nov. 23 – Community Outreach Meal
 Nov. 25 – No Men’s Breakfast in November
 Dec. 3 – Caroling & Pizza
 Dec. 17 – White Gift Program
 Dec. 24 – Candlelight Communion Service
 Dec. 30 – No Men’s Breakfast in Dec.

PATOKA UMC ENDOWMENT FUND: In the financial section of our bulletin, you see “PUMC Endowment Fund” balance each week… funds given by members & friends of PUMC. This is a great way to benefit the church, not only now but forever. The principle generates interest annually to be used as we see fit. It is backed by the Lilly Foundation, conservatively invested, and managed by the Gibson Co. Comm. Foundation. Each of the 92 counties in IN has this (safe investment). With $100,000 in the fund, we would receive at least $4,000 annually, as long as the fund exists, which should be a VERY long time. This fund would be an excellent choice for estate planning or giving now. If you have immediate questions, please contact me, Pastor Jeff.

• Pecans – Class #7 has pecans – pieces and halves, as well as a wide variety of knives and kitchen items for sale. Pecans can be purchased in the Family Life Center, thru any member of the class, or by contacting Marilyn Hudson at 779-5235.
• Donate Old Cell Phone – Albion Fellows Bacon Center can benefit from your old, unwanted cell phones, to be reprogrammed for 911 calls to assist victims of domestic abuse & other emergency situations. PUMC has a basket in the entryway specifically for discarded cell phones. The chargers would be appreciated as well, but are not required.
• Meetings – All meetings, except Staff-Parish, are open to everyone in the congregation. [contact any member of the Staff-Parish Committee at any time however, with relevant concerns] We invite all to participate in the business & ministries of the church. Committees and chairpersons are listed in the back of the Directory Book.
• Cookbooks – A Taste of Heaven – Patoka UMC Church Family & Friends Cookbooks – are available for purchase in the Family Life Center and on the front entrance table. Books are $10 each.
• Pew Pads – Please remember to sign the pew pads each Sunday morning with the names of each family member in attendance… and make sure your neighbor has signed also. We are glad to send bulletins/newsletters but strive to be good stewards by not sending unnecessary mail. If you do not sign we assume you are not in attendance. It is also vital that you sign for accurate record keeping. The pew pads can also be used to list prayer requests that are spoken or unspoken during Worship. It only takes a minute to sign your name and pass the book to your neighbor.
• Web Site – Visit regularly for up-to-date information. Also note that it is compatible with your phone! If you would like to help maintain the web site, please let Pastor Jeff know.

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