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November Newsletter – 2017

FROM THE PASTOR… I Want What You’ve Got.
If we watch a child that’s eight months old on the floor and we see how God has made us to want things. A little baby will attempt to get something in any way possible. I don’t think we learn this, God made us that way for a reason. Now we can put her on the floor, leave things around her, and she will simply go from one thing to another, enjoy it for a moment, then something else catches her eye, and then she moves on to something else. But have you ever noticed with a baby that if you hold her, or get down on the floor with her, and hold or dangle something in front of a baby, she will go after it, she wants what you dangle in front of her.

The same concept applies to us followers of Jesus. Do the people around you want what you have? Do people want the faith you have? The peace and joy you have? The forgiveness you have? The lack of condemning judgment you have? The mercy you show? The agape love you display? The anger you lack? The justice you display? The desire to feed the poor, care for the downtrodden, grace? Do they see Jesus in you?

When we interact with people, are we like Jesus? When Jesus met the woman at the well, he let her know that she was sinful…..with grace…..then she was a missionary to the town and many then came to Jesus. His condemnation was not hateful or biting, it was grace filled. When the woman was caught in adultery, he was filled with grace, yet she knew her sin. When Jesus encountered all the unclean people, the sinners, the tax collectors, those who didn’t know Him, he interacted with them in a way that placed in their heart a desire to “want what you have.”
There is a world of people out there that desire things, desire to know God. We ask ourselves, “Why can’t they see that they need to desire Jesus!” Maybe they don’t see Jesus in us. Maybe they don’t see us as any different than anyone else in the world. Maybe they don’t see us as a “new creation” living in the world in any way different than they are, so why bother.

We may think that people don’t come to church because the “culture” is lost or perverse. They have turned a deaf ear to God. They have listened to the gays, the Muslims and the atheists and the pop stars and that have simply messed up the morality of the world. But actually people do not see the need for church because too many people see us as a church or individually no differently than a social club that speaks a foreign language based on platitudes and catchy church/Bible phrases.

Many people want the Bible translated into things that apply to their life. They want to see the change in you, Jesus in you. They want you to speak of your faith in a language they understand. They want to see and hear a message from you that plainly shows: love, and joy, and forgiveness, and mercy, and justice. Many, many people desire you to look outside your building, to be reaching to them in the mission field that is in the neighborhood.
Many people look at the battles we fight and wonder if we are missing the real point. Followers of Jesus have clearly shown they are ready to fight and often like to. But they wonder about what battles we choose to fight. They see us often fighting over petty internal things rather than the real important things of the world or community.

They wonder about the causes we stand for. Do we appear to exist more for ourselves and our building and our own nourishment while forgetting the bigger issues? Often they think our love doesn’t really look like love. Love seems to be a big deal to us but do we show a love that is selective and narrow. Do we say “Come as you are” while we send out signals that seem to say “Come if you are like us.” They see a Jesus in the Bible who hung out with low-lifes and prostitutes and outcasts, and loved them right out there, but we aren’t “out there” much?

Do they see us more worried about what we can get and keep for ourselves? Do they see us saying “if you want to get to know us as a church, we will only do it our way, because that’s the way we have always done it…adapt to our way, then, then we will love you.” Does the world see us as no different than them? Do we desire in the organization people to be used just like other people in organizations are used? Do they see Jesus in us and in the way we live personally and as a church, is the question. Do those who have not surrendered to Jesus look at us and say to themselves, “I don’t want that.”

There is more and more discussion about how the world today needs to come to Jesus. Maybe instead of stating that fact, we need to be Jesus and then it will start with one person at a time. Is it time for us to truly give our lives over to being a slave for Jesus and letting Him own all of us? Is it time for is to repent and change the direction of our life so the people around us think…..”I want what YOU have!” Let’s witness with our life. Let’s make an effort to get out of our comfort zone of being around fellow believers and interact with those that aren’t. Let’s ask God to guide us to change, to enter the mission field, to love, to care, and let’s ask God to use us to be a vessel to be used by God to show His “Amazing Grace” to the world.

PUMC Ad. Council met in regular session on Wednesday, October 18, 2017, at 6:30pm with the following present – Melissa Gaines, Patty Craig, Mildred Heidenreich, Jamie Schafer, Kathy Hudson, Marilyn Hudson, Pastor Jeff Pinney. The minutes from last month’s meeting, as well as the treasurer’s report, were approved as presented.

Finance – had not met
Lay Leadership/Nominations – had not met
Missions – had not met
Nurture – had not met
Staff-Parish Relations – had not met
Trustees – had not met, and there were no updates on the Frazier house.

Charge Conference – went very well. All reports for 2017 have been approved and submitted.
Trunk-or-Treat – is scheduled for Monday, October 30th from 6:00-7:00pm

Shriner’s Tickets – after some discussion it was decided that Patoka UMC Missions Committee would not allot funds for the purchase of Shrine Circus tickets this year. Missions is currently evaluating the distribution of funds and possibility of upcoming needs.
Bazaar Meal Prices – The Council agreed to increasing the suggested donation of the annual Dinner & Bazaar to the following: Adults-$10; Children (age 6-10)-$5; children 5 & under-free.
Family Life Center Use – discussion was had on how to better regulate the use of the Family Life Center, to ensure that current rules & regulations for the use of the building are followed. There have been instances of food being left in refrigerators following events, clean-up being unsatisfactory, etc. It is made clear in the paperwork sent, by instruction at the time of key pick up, and when reserving the building via phone call that there are specific expectations to be met for use of the building. It was suggested that the rules & regulations list be re-evaluated, judgment calls made on whether or not repeat use of the building is allowed if someone has not met expectations during previous use, the possibility of a set fee, or that volunteers from the congregation be assigned to each event to oversee proper use of the facility. There was no decision made at meeting time, other than to re-evaluate the current rules & regulations list.
Trustees Items – the Council was presented with 2 items to be directed to the Trustees
1) Power washing of the parsonage and church. It was suggested that Trustees coordinate this at the time a lift is rented for work on the Frazier house.
2) Have Trustees check into the current pest control contract to see if it is meeting the church’s needs and is cost effective in comparison to other companies.

Pastor Jeff told the Council that Charge Conference 2017 was very successful. He also wanted to give a “pat on the back” to all the great volunteers we’ve had for the banquets we’ve served this year, as well as how PUMC is giving back to the community through events such as the upcoming Coat A Community give-away, Trunk-or-Treat, and the free community Thanksgiving meal on Thanksgiving Day.

The next regular meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, November 15th at 6:30pm.

The family & friends of Dawn Jorgenson
The family & friends of Masayuki Yamashita
The family & friends of Helen Padgett(friend of Barb Skelton)

Our Nation, Our Government, Our Leaders, Our Schools, Our Churches, Our Homes & Families

Our Military
Christopher Cook & family (New Mexico); Brad Hale (Nephew of Dick & Babs Johnson / re-deployed)
Mark Ambrose, Jr. (Grand big of Kevin Meyer / on alert status with U.S. Coast Guard / completing degree at Ball State)

Unspoken Health Concerns, Unspoken Requests

Trinity Cluster Churches – Decker, Decker Chapel, Hazleton, Mt. Olive, Patoka, and Wheeling

Those affected by the hurricanes, earthquakes, wildfires & recent violence, father of Heather Luttrell, Gina Beckner,
Hazel Allen, Joe Davis, Tyler Bottoms, grandfather of Jennifer MacKay, Marcella Welsh, Patty Pflug, Bonnie Potts,
Grace Luttrell’s sister Joyce, Grace Luttrell’s niece Maria, Mary Lou Broadwater, Mike Ellis, Jakatelyn Morrow,
Robert & Irene Williams, Romaine McCabe, co-worker of Ellyn Horrall, Matt Harper, Toni Whitehouse, Karen Gress,
Harold Cox, Harlan Scott, Jeff Stenfenagel, Jewell Pressley, Vic Welch, Helen Padgett, Unspoken, David Lloyd,
Mary Case, Unspoken, Megan Miller, Greg Nixon, Jake Nueffer, Darla Meyer Smith, Jodie Memmer, Alyssa Culiver,
Casey Lamb, Travis Lashbrook, Cody Lashbrook, Jesse Jo Odom, Darvin Hulfachor

Ellen Roach(sister of Jim Bishop)-Parkview Care Center-Evansville
Jean Boyles-Evansville,
Margaret Dodson-The Waters
Rev. Patricia Greffey-Rocky Mountain Manor-Wyoming
Frank Eads – assisted living
Steve Sullivan (brother of Faith Livermore)-Amber Manor-Petersburg
Ellen Vinson (friend of Jack & Eleanor McDowell)-Amber Manor-Petersburg
Betty Bateman-at grandson’s in Evansville
Mary Lou Broadwater (sister-in-law of Mildred Heidenreich)-Brookside Village-Jasper

We are grateful for our church and church family. While some might think of doors and windows, we’re praising You for spirits and hearts. The people whose lives You’ve intersected are remarkable through Your grace. We can’t praise You enough for the unique way You’ve blended the talents of individuals into masterpieces of joy. May we love one another to the fullest and be evidence of Your ultimate love, to advance the work of Your Kingdom. Amen!
2-Margaret Dodson
3-Virginia Horath
6-Jeannine Miller
7-Jack West
8-Kaylin Winkler
8-Janice Berry
9-Isabella Marvel
9-Debbie Bryant
9-Steve Stuckey
10-Jacob Marvel
11-Kristina Bullock
13-Darryl Chamberlain
14-Amanda Stuckey
15-Dane Kissel
16-Mike Davis
16-Patrick Berry
19-Roger Smith
20-Ethan Muncy
20-Frances Sloan
21-Mark Berry
22-Frank Eads
28-Mike Phares
29-Brooke Davis
29-Lisa Meyer
30-Atlee Cook

4-Paul & Mary Ann Stone
7-Kolten & Emily Hedges
19-Jack & Eleanor McDowell
23-Eric & Demi Westlund

If You Are Unable To Meet This Obligation It Is Your Responsibility To
Find A Replacement And To Notify The Pastor and Melissa Of The Change Prior To Your Sunday

Nov. 5 Kathy H. Debbie B.
Nov. 12 Kathy H. Mike P.
Nov. 19 Nedra W. Mark B.
Nov. 26 Nedra W. Barbara S.

Nov. 5 Mike P. Asher B. & Jamison M.
Nov. 12 Mark B. Addison S. & Camden M.
Nov. 19 David H. Jamison M. & Brandon L.
Nov. 26 Becky L. Aadin L. & Kimberly C.

Nov. 5 Buddy & Puff R. Bonnie P.
Nov. 12 Andy S. family Debby P.
Nov. 19 Barbara S. Buddy R.
Nov. 26 Albert & Grace L. Muppets

Nov. 5 Jim A., Chris H., Albert L., Mark B.
Nov. 12 Eric W., Shane H., Ethan M., Andy S.
Nov. 19 Frank C., John A., Mike P., Don D.
Nov. 26 Ben H., Emma A., Olivia M., Andrew M.

Nov. 5 Bonnie P.
Nov. 12 Jamie S.
Nov. 19 Amanda S.
Nov. 26 Shea D.



BIBLE-IN-A-YEAR: Copies of the monthly “Bible-In-A-Year” readings have been placed near the entry. Feel free to pick one up!!

BRA BANK APPEAL: We continue collecting gently used bras (leave in designated container by front doors) for a special project designed to aid African women in the prevention of sexual assaults [less likely to be attacked if wearing undergarments] and human trafficking. For more info go to, or and click on ‘Mozambique Or Bust’.

We continue to collect Bibles, Sunday School lessons, Upper Rooms, Our Daily Bread, Hymnals… basically any Christian literature, to be distributed to third world countries where so many are hungry for the word of God that they take our excess, out of date items and cherish them. Instead of throwing out these things, place them in the designated container near the front entrance and we will get them to people who need them.

SOUND PERSONNEL SUBS NEEDED: We are always in need of a few volunteers who will agree to fill in when a sub is needed to run our sound board and power point presentation on Sunday morning. It is a very important job but one that is easily mastered after a lesson or two. If interested contact Pastor Jeff.

BIBLE STUDY: There’s always room for anyone who has a desire to ‘grow in the knowledge & grace of the Lord’… so join us Tuesdays at 7:00pm (unless otherwise noted in the bulletin) in the Family Life Center Wesley Room. The discussions are lively, the fellowship is sweet, and the Lord always blesses!!
WHEN BORROWING ITEMS from the church or Family Life Center, we ask that you let the pastor or Melissa know so that we don’t over extend our lending. Folks borrow tables for yard sales (old brown tables in attached garage) or tables & chairs for family events, even walkers & wheel chairs, and we try to keep a record of who needs what, when, so that everyone benefits from what we have available. We wouldn’t want to promise tables or equipment to someone and find that they aren’t there because someone else borrowed them on the spur of the moment and forgot to let us know. Thanks for helping us keep things running smoothly!

DEADLINE FOR BULLETIN is Wednesday (12:00 noon). Deadline for the next monthly Newsletter is the 3rd Monday (12:00 noon) of the current month.

Anyone who would like to become a member of Patoka UMC, please contact the pastor for more information.

All men, all ages are invited to breakfast & fellowship on the last Saturday of the month at 7:00am in the Family Life Center. Invite a friend!!

HELP KEEP US CURRENT… we strive to keep all information in newsletters, bulletins, directory books, on file, and in the computer up to date, but we need your help. If your personal information – phone #, email address, etc. – changes please let us know in the church office while you’re updating other pertinent sources. If someone needs to be added or removed from our birthday & anniversary list, directory listings, or even the prayer list, your input is needed. We may or may not ‘hear through the grapevine’ that something changes, so we ask that you help us serve you best by taking just a minute to keep us current. We appreciate any and all assistance and updates.
DON’T FORGET $$$: The refrigerator (soft drinks) is a great convenience for many. The proceeds go to our youth. Please be sure to pay as you buy or we may need to discontinue.

DONATE OLD CELL PHONES – Albion Fellows Bacon Center can benefit from your old, unwanted cell phones, to be reprogrammed for 911 calls to assist victims of domestic abuse & other emergency situations. PUMC has a basket in the entryway specifically for discarded cell phones. The chargers would be appreciated as well, but are not required.

APPLE BUTTER is still available in both regular & Splenda varieties.
Quarts – $8.00; Pints – $6.00; ½ Pints – $4.00

GOSPEL NIGHT at Oakland City University is Friday, November 3rd featuring The Hoppers and The Collingsworth Family, 7:00pm at Johnson Center. Doors open at 6:00pm. For tickets call 812-749-1243 or go online to

ALL-YOU-CAN-EAT PANCAKE BREAKFAST – Gibson County Presbyterian Council Fundraiser – will be held on Saturday, November 4th from 7:00-10:00am at United Presbyterian Church, 130 East State Street (corner of Prince & State) in Princeton. Adults-$8.00 / Children 10 & under-$4.00. Pancakes, Sausage Links, Biscuits, Sausage Gravy, Coffee, Orange Drink, Milk. Proceeds go to local missions.

DON’T FORGET to set your clocks BACK one hour on Saturday night, November 4th, when retiring. Daylight Savings Time begins on November 5th.

HOLY COMMUNION will be observed at Patoka UMC on Sunday, November 5th.

PANTRY SUNDAY: November 5th is Pantry Sunday… each Communion Sunday [1st Sunday of the month] we ask that you bring canned goods and non-perishable items [especially canned meats and/or box dinners] with you to place in the collection container near the front doors for the Patoka Food Pantry. We are fed by Jesus Christ on Communion Sunday, therefore we need to feed others. [Items which always come in handy – and cannot be purchased with food stamps – soap, shampoo, laundry detergent, dish soap, deodorant, paper towels, toilet paper, toothpaste]

 Thursday, November 9th, PCHS Football, 6:00pm / help needed at 5:15pm
To help, contact Laura Heidenreich at 812-385-5079

COAT-A-COMMUNITY: Our church hosts its first Coat-A-Community Saturday November 11th from 9:00-11:00am in the Family Life Center. We will gladly accept donations of new or gently used coats for this event. Coats in all sizes, from infant to adult, are needed. Please have all coats to the church by Sunday November 5th so that washing & repairs can be done before the 11th. Please give coats to Kathy or Ron Hudson, or Alyssa Koberstein. If you have left them in the attached garage, please mark them “coat give away” and let Ron, Kathy or Alyssa know. Questions? Contact Kathy at 812-779-2058 or cell phone at 812-664-0063. Thank you for supporting this event!!
OPERATION CHRISTMAS CHILD SHOEBOX MINISTRY will be here before you know it – deadline is Sunday, November 12th. On the foyer table are brochures that tell you how to pack a shoebox, along with the tag that goes on the outside designating boy or girl, and a reminder of your $9 cost to aid in shipping. Please remember to leave your shoebox Unwrapped, as our youth will be handling that for you! Please consider being a part of this amazing outreach opportunity.

DINNER & BAZAAR: PUMC’s annual dinner & bazaar is Saturday, November 18th from 3:00-7:00pm(CST). Menu includes turkey & ham, dressing, mashed potatoes & gravy, green beans, corn, slaw, cranberry salad, homemade desserts, bread, apple butter, coffee or tea. $10 donation for adults. $5 donation for kids 6-10 & free for kids 5 & under. Carry-outs available. Bazaar Room with goodies! Here’s how to help…..
 Sign up EARLY (sign up on foyer table)
 See Debbie Bryant for Bazaar Room ideas
 Come and help at “work days” – November 14th and 17th
 Display yard signs (ask Pastor or Jamie)
 Invite neighbors, friends & family
 Pray for a successful event that serves guests well & provides an opportunity to reach someone looking for a church home
 Monetary donations welcome / please give to Jamie Schafer
 Questions – talk to Jamie

THANKSGIVING DINNER OUTREACH: Grace & Albert Luttrell, family, & volunteers will offer a traditional Thanksgiving meal as a community outreach on Thanksgiving Day, November 23rd from 12-2pm at the Patoka UMC Family Life Center. They will cook, serve and deliver food for anyone needing a hot meal. If you (or someone you know) can’t prepare a meal, are alone this year, or can’t get out of your home, they would like to help you enjoy a home cooked Thanksgiving dinner. To come and enjoy the meal

or to have one delivered please call 812-664-0981 by November 19th. Volunteers are needed and welcomed. If you’d like to lend a hand, or donate to help offset the cost of this outreach, please call 812-664-0981 for more information. If you plan to attend the dinner or need to sign up for delivery, you can also pick up a flyer on the foyer table, provide the contact information requested, and turn the flyer in to Grace or Albert no later than November 19th.

NO MEN’S BREAKFAST IN NOVEMBER OR DECEMBER – but please plan to join us again in the new year, invite guests, and enjoy a time of food & fellowship as we grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord!

DIRECTORY BOOK DEADLINE: We need ALL changes to the current church directory book turned in no later than Sunday, November 26th to ensure that your family’s information is correct in the 2018 book. If you have shared changes throughout the year and would like to double-check to be sure they’re entered into the system – not a problem – better safe than sorry! I will be glad to verify changes if you will drop me an email or call the church office. Thank you! Melissa

HANGING OF THE GREENS & CARRY-IN: The season of Advent is just a few weeks away, which means preparing ourselves as well as the church for the holidays. On Sunday, November 26th we will gather to decorate the church and Family Life Center during our annual Hanging of the Greens, beginning at 3:00pm. MUCH help is needed. Bring a pot of soup and/or sandwiches and join us in the FLC for a bite to eat afterwards. The more the merrier!

CAROLING & PIZZA!! Mark your calendars for Sunday, December 3rd as we’ll share the season in song with the residents & staff at Gibson General 5th floor, The Waters and River Oaks. Meet at GGH at 4:00pm in the front lobby. Then we’ll be at The Waters around 4:45 and River Oaks about 5:30. Following, we’ll meet at Pizza Hut (approximately 6:15) for food & fellowship. If you’ve never joined us for caroling before, please don’t miss out on a great evening! It will bless you more than you can imagine!

BIG CHURCH NIGHT OUT FALL TOUR featuring Newsboys, Sidewalk Prophets, 7eventh Time Down, Blanca, Derek Minor, Brock Gill, Adam Agee, Jamison Strain, and Jeremy Willet is Thursday, December 7th at 7:00pm at the Owensboro Convention Center. All seats reserved! Tickets on sale NOW (starting at $18)! 2 free tickets with groups of 10 or more – limited availability. For tickets & more info go to or

Dec. 3rd – Advent Devotionals & Coin Boxes will be distributed
Dec. 17th – White Gift Sunday
Dec. 21st – Gordon Mote in concert at Owensville UMC (see flyer on bulletin board)
Dec. 24th – Candlelight/Communion Service, 9:00pm
Dec. 30th – No Men’s Breakfast in December

• Pecans – Class #7 has pecans – pieces and halves, as well as a wide variety of knives and kitchen items for sale. Pecans/cutlery can be purchased in the Family Life Center, thru any member of the class.
• Meetings – All meetings, except Staff-Parish, are open to everyone in the congregation. [contact any member of the Staff-Parish Committee at any time however, with relevant concerns] We invite all to participate in the business & ministries of the church. Committees and chairpersons are listed in the back of the Directory Book.
• Cookbooks – A Taste of Heaven – Patoka UMC Church Family & Friends Cookbooks – are available for purchase in the Family Life Center and on the front entrance table. Books are $10 each.
• Pew Pads – Please sign the pew pad each Sunday morning with the names of each family member in attendance… and make sure your neighbor has signed also. If you do not sign we assume you are not in attendance and bulletins/newsletters will be sent. It is also vital that you sign for accurate record keeping. Pew pads can also be used to list prayer requests. It only takes a minute to sign and pass the book.
• Web Site – Visit regularly for up-to-date information. It is also compatible with your phone! If you would like to help maintain the web site, please let Pastor Jeff know.
• PUMC Endowment Fund: In the bulletin’s financial section you see “PUMC Endowment Fund” balance each week… funds given by members & friends of PUMC. This is a great way to benefit the church! The principle generates interest annually to be used as we see fit. It is backed by the Lilly Foundation, conservatively invested, and managed by the Gibson Co. Comm. Foundation. Each of the 92 counties in IN has this (safe investment). With $100,000 in the fund, we would receive at least $4,000 annually, as long as the fund exists. This fund would be an excellent choice for estate planning or giving now. If you have immediate questions, please contact Pastor Jeff.

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