“Bear Fruit” – 9-25-16 – Martin Rusanga Guest minister

Luke 13: 6-9
In this Parable,Jesus begins to talk about atree.it is a special tree, in special garden. it appears that Jesus talks about a tree that is placed in a vineyard. He has walked through the forest until he finds this particular tree and then he placed it right in the centre of the vineyard.
The vineyard or garden is well planned. There are walk ways that wind through it . There byways with flowers all along it. There are bushes that are succulently selected, there are flowers of his hearts desire.

There is a fence around the vineyard , but the centre point always intended to be the tree. It was the focal point, it was to be that spot that once you have walked the walk and smelt the flowers and seen the bushes and beheld the fence, your eyes would naturally focus on the tree.

And he had selected a fig tree because he loved figs. He liked the taste of figs. It was a young tree when he first planted it. And he imagined that within a year he would eat the fruit. I see him the first year entering His garden at the time of figs. The flowers are so lovely, they are in blue, the bushes are covered with green virtue, the fence of vines are well garlanded, but his eyes are focused on the fig tree because he knows that this is the year that he expects to reach beneath branches and leaves and find some ripe figs there. The first year he is disappointed.

He waits another year, continuing to care for his garden, he gives the vineyard dresser special instructions and the next year in the season of figs, , once again he comes and the flowers are in blue, the vines have cast forth their fruit, the bushes are covered , everything is according to the design of the season.

He goes to the tree all things are ready and he expects that this year, the second year, that surely the tree that failed him the first year would have some figs this year. He walks beneath those beautiful branches and reaches beneath those lovely green leaves, in his imagination he can almost taste those succulent figs, he fills and touches, the branches and the places where there ought to have a fig, but there is Non. Second Year disappointed again.

He speaks to the vineyard dresser perhaps, a little more fertilizer, perhaps you ought to dig around it. Please spray it this year. I know by next year this tree will come through. And surely as time pass by and months pass by, and season of figs occur again , the vineyard owner comes back to his vineyard.

Vines have cast forth their fruit, all things are as they ought to be , but there is one thing on his mind. In this third year, the fig tree must produce fruit, so he walks towards that tree, and you can sense now the tension as Jesus tells the people this story, the people cannot not wait to find out what has happened. As Jesus tells the story they know he will end on a good note.

They know that there will be happy ending to the story. Surely, there will be figs.
But there are none.

Now the vineyard owner cries out almost in despair, why do I have this tree? Why do I allow it to use up the nutrients of the ground, its taking up space, its using up soil, and it has not produced any fruit, I think we ought to cut it down.

And in the midst of the vineyards owners’ speech, the vineyard dresser is solemnly heard crying out loudly, Master Please! Give the tree one more year and then after that one year if it does not bear fruit, then lord, you ought to cut it down.

Now the people listening to the story could hardly wait they know that Jesus would move to the end of the fourth year. They know that when he moves to the end of the fourth year, that he would talk about the tree bearing fruit.

And they begin to sense that there is more going on than a lecture or story on fig tree. They begin to understand that this tree has some special meaning and there is something going on with this tree, and they begin to understand that this tree is me. And the tree is you. They begin to sense that Jesus is not telling the story just to entertain them.

now there want to know what happens at the end of next year, but unfortunately, the parable just stops. It just stops.

you know what happens on TV sometimes when you watch a suspense movie, they wait until the story begins to get exciting a heroe is built within the story and as it begins to get exciting you cant wait to know how the story ends , you cant sleep until you know the next move but you are left curious because there is no end to the movie

it’s the only parable that Jesus told without an end he does not end. and he left hanging in there , you can almost see the crowd asking Jesus please tell us what happened. Tell us, how does the story end?

You know There are many themes in the bible, there is theme of Christ the groom, and church as the bride,
There is theme of Christ the shepherd and his church the sheep.
There is theme of Christ the captain and his church the army
There is the theme of God the father and his church the children

And this parable you find another great theme, that calls for divine attention, it is the concept that we are the garden of God.The bible says that the vine owner retuned each year to see whether there was fruit on the fig tree.

Nothing would be more frustrating at the end of the planting season when a farmer has done all the watering, digging, applied all pesticides, applied all fertilizer, and protecting it from all worm and trouble, and come at the harvest season and no fruit on the plant.

God has fertilized you with his love, he has put the sun of his grace upon you, he has sent the rain of his blessing to you. He expects some results. How dare you turn up at the end of time with no fruit? How dare you do that , the vineyard has been worked with all during Gods time, in Isa 5 ; God has his vineyard he has been working with althrough time. We are that vineyard, and we must bear fruit.

Its is because the dunging and the digging represent the things that God has applied to the church to make it strong.
What are those things, prayer, bible study, fellowship and worship and Christian service.
Prayer, bible study, worship, Christian service
Prayer, bible study, worship, Christian service
God does not have anything that is better than that. The problem is not that these things do not work, the problem is that the tree is not responding.

If you got trouble in your life , it is not because prayer, bible study, worship and Christian service does not work, it is because you are not working them. The problem isn’t what god supplies, the problem is our response to what God supplies.

God is not going to force you into being good, you got to choose to be good and so the reason why the vineyard dresser does not have anything new to give is because the bible is saying to us, what God does to us is sufficient. How we respond is not sufficient, one more year has been granted.
give you the power, he will give you his grace, he will give you the answers, he will give you salvation.

Don’t blame him, you write the rest of your story, how you want it to end.
Tell God , one more year, that God has given us more time, By his grace as you long to lean on Him , your story may be able to end SAVED BY GRACE, I am longing for the day that Jesus will come. Brothers and sisters, I want to to be saved, I want to be part of Gods family, If he has given me a little more time, I want to use that time to make sure that his name is Glorified in my Life.

What about You? Are you willing to say to him that Lord , help me to hold onto you so that I can be with you when you come again?

God is giving us one more opportunity, to say that Lord, I want to surrender myself to you. I want to be with you when you come, Your life may good , but things may not be good between you and God, you don’t know whether you are going to live tomorrow. Take that opportunity today.

Father , we thank you for loving us so much, that you have given us time and time again, the opportunity to come to you. To rededicate our lives to you. Today you have given us another opportunity. we want to be saved in your kingdom, we want to be with you Lord, we have come to the front indicating our desire to make use of the time your have given to us, we are weak, we thank you for your victory on the cross. We want to place our lives to today, take us and save and change . we pray that give us victory over sin, as we talk and live our lives we may be changed, help us to stay closer to you, keep us until we see you face to face,
Keep us until we here from your leaps well done, keep us, until you come gain. Thank you Jesus. For we ask all these in your precious name, Amen.

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