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“What can I do?” “What CAN’T I Do!!” – February Newsletter

Where would the world be or the kingdom be without “What can’t I do?” people? Think about some “What can’t I do?” people. If the Wright brothers wouldn’t have said that, would we fly on airplanes today? If our founding fathers wouldn’t have said that, would we be US citizens or British citizens? Would Columbus have left with his three boats? I’m involved with a 700 plus school in Rwanda with a man that felt that even though he didn’t know where the funds would come, he felt led to build a quality school in Rwanda that flourishes. Parents, grandparents, don’t you love a child that says in essence “What can’t I do?” Now don’t get me wrong, we need a lot of people that decide to not sit on the sidelines and say “What can I do?” But I propose that the kingdom, and possibly more in God’s church here need to say “What can’t I do?”

I think the followers of Jesus wondered after Jesus rose from the dead and left them, “What can I do?” But a funny thing happened after Pentecost, followers of Jesus adopted an attitude of “What can’t I do” for the kingdom and to spread the Good News of Jesus to their world. A simple man called Paul sure got it and we should adopt the same attitude: “I can do all things through him who strengthens me.” Philippians 4:13

Is it time for you to add to your “What can I do?” attitude an attitude of “What can’t I do?”

A “What can’t I do?” attitude changes your personal relationship with Jesus. Here is what can change:
1. I will make prayer an integral part of my life.
2. I will daily read AND study the Bible.
3. I will daily make my life and attitude more like Jesus.
4. I will stop and “be” Jesus for someone each day.
5. I will take the time each day to make God’s will my priority.

You see a “What can I do?” attitude often can mean you do nothing. It often becomes an excuse to do nothing as you may feel it does not matter, you’re not qualified, or you’re only one person. A “What can’t I do?” attitude means you’re willing to try something new. It means you will “take up your cross” and make a difference for the kingdom. When you decide to do something that steps out of your comfort zone and begin on the journey, there are great people who are willing to go with you and say “What can I do?”

I ask you this month to consider asking the Lord “What can I do?” and when He speaks to you He is also saying you CAN do it. When you decide there is nothing you “can’t” do, you volunteer and say “What can I do?” for things outside your comfort zone. When you take an attitude of there is nothing you “can’t” do for the kingdom you volunteer for things in the church that are needed, you abandon the thought “nobody will listen to me” or “that’s the way we always done it and I will just be defeated.” A “there is nothing I can’t do” attitude means you will try doing Children’s moments, or I will do Children’s church, or I will show up and give my thoughts and lead some mission outside the church, or I will be at the nurture committee meeting, or I will actively attend administrative council. A “What can’t I do?” attitude means you will volunteer before you have to be asked to volunteer.

So this month how can you be proactive in God’s kingdom? Are you willing to be proactive and at least search out ways to often say “What can I do?” When you’re proactive more and saying “What can I do?” more often, the Lord will then move you more to a “What can’t I do?” place where you lead, then the church flourishes and the kingdom advances.

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