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Who are you in this account?

Happy Hump Day – Wednesday of Holy Week – On this day we remember the anointing of Jesus prior to his crucifixion. The story is told in Matthew, Mark, and John. In John it says it was Mary, in the others it was a woman. It seems to me it was just a simple woman, a simple person, just like you and me. So it makes me think about asking myself, “What will I do today, on this Wednesday? Who will I choose to be? Which person in the account will I be?” You see this simple woman, possibly a woman of questionable background, chose on this day to give everything she had to Jesus. She was surrendering all of herself to Him and doing it without expectation of reward. She acted because she loved Him.

So you ask who the others were in this account? Well, the “others” were the scribes, Pharisees, disciples, including Judas. They all grumbled because they thought this was a waste. They didn’t understand that Jesus loves it when we surrender everything that is precious to us to Him. Wow! The religious folks, the disciples, they didn’t understand that this is what Jesus desires, our total devotion and sacrifice. What is even worse, at the end of this scripture, Judas decided to betray Jesus.

On this Wednesday, in the middle of this Easter week, who have you been in the account? For the last 2 days, or for the last 2 weeks, or for your life, have you really given everything that matters to Jesus? Or……have you chosen to grumble? Have you chosen to keep the blessings that you have been given, for yourself? Have you chosen to not give God your extravagant love? Even worse, do you betray God by the way you are living your life while you call yourself a disciple?

On Sunday we will celebrate the Gospel, the Good News that Jesus rose from the grave and conquered death, yes our death. Now that’s Good News! Don’t you want to tell others about it? Don’t you want to invite others to hear about it? But maybe the biggest question about today and Easter Sunday is………….”Have I poured out my life and given my all to Jesus?” “Will I make my life a fragrant offering to the Lord because of what He did for me on Friday?”

May the Lord bless you today and guide you to spread His Good News to all.

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